How to Increase the Life of Your Computer

Today people around the world use the Internet for almost everything ranging from finding a house that fits our budget to discovering the medication for an allergy.

Knowing how to increase the life of your Personal Computer (PC) can significantly improve our existence in the virtual world and also save a substantial amount of time, effort and money.
PCs are our gateway to the online world and just like the real world we have to protect ourselves and this doorway from a multitude of villains. Viruses are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of online protection but to increase the life of your PC you have to also comply with the following guidelines.


Think of this application as the skin of the computer which protects it from harmful exposure and frequent attacks. ‘Virus’ is a generic category which includes spyware, adware, malware and other online germs. These vicious programs either destroy the health of your PC or thrive on its resources until it runs dry.
Invest in a good antivirus; a simple online search will offer you some effective free versions as well. Remember to update your protection regularly as the viruses continuously manifest into newer avatars.

Avoid piracies

All of us love a good bargain and resisting pirated applications that cost pennies is indeed difficult.
Remember the wise saying that there is no such thing as a free meal? This is an ideal example where the cheaply priced copies can result in heavy losses. Discs that are used to store such software also house swarms of deadly viruses.
Counterfeits are reproduced quickly and carelessly, often giving rise to corrupted files that eat your computer’s memory, significantly reducing its life.

Email and website caution

Your inbox is a haven for spammers to send malicious messages with deadly attachments. Only open emails from reliable sources and take special care when opening attachments. General rule of thumb is that you should avoid opening executable files (with extension .exe) as they install themselves automatically on your machine.
There are millions of websites online and thousands are born every day. While some Internet service providers try to block dangerous sites, it is impossible to keep pace with the population explosion of these machine crashers. A powerful, yet highly ignored way to increase the life of the PC is to only visit trusted websites.

Browser and browsing hygiene

Ensure that you are using the updated versions of your selected browser and when online, pay attention to the warnings displayed by them. Browsers are constantly updated to protect users from known dangers but the user always has the right to override these warnings. Use this option wisely.
Cookies are small packets of information that are stored on your PC every time you visit a website. It is good practice to clear the cookies and cache memory regularly as these can be used by hackers to tap into your confidential data including passwords.

Setup and maintenance

As with supplementary applications, ensure that the installation of setup software and startup drivers is from original sources only.
Many computers have been irreparably damaged due to fluctuating voltages, so it is best to invest in a simple surge protector. This device protects against irregular changes in the supply of electricity which can short circuit almost any electronic device, such as your personal computer.
On your machine you will find certain system tools such as disk de-fragmentation and scans of disk drives which you should run regularly. These free up unused space and lessen the burden on your computer’s processor.

Physical protection

Coffee spills, tripping over exposed wiring and venting via physical abuse of the speechless machine are among the top reasons for replacing computers. While machines can err, the cause behind the error is most often the user. Hitting the computer won’t fix mistakes but can definitely add to your troubles.
Cleaning with a soft, dry cloth and safeguarding it from toppling over can also substantially increase the life of your PC.


Today people around the world use the Internet for almost everything ranging from finding a house that fits our budget to discovering the medication for an allergy. Knowing how to increase the life of your Personal Computer (PC) can significantly improve our existence in the virtual world and also save a substantial amount of time, effort and money. 

PCs are our gateway to the online world and just like the real world we have to protect ourselves and this doorway from a multitude of villains. Viruses are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of online protection but to increase the life of your PC you have to also comply with the following guidelines.


Think of this application as the skin of the computer which protects it from harmful exposure and frequent attacks. ‘Virus’ is a generic category which includes spyware, adware, malware and other online germs. These vicious programs either destroy the health of your PC or thrive on its resources until it runs dry. 

Invest in a good antivirus; a simple online search will offer you some effective free versions as well. Remember to update your protection regularly as the viruses continuously manifest into newer avatars.

Avoid piracies

All of us love a good bargain and resisting pirated applications that cost pennies is indeed difficult. 

Remember the wise saying that there is no such thing as a free meal? This is an ideal example where the cheaply priced copies can result in heavy losses. Discs that are used to store such software also house swarms of deadly viruses.

Counterfeits are reproduced quickly and carelessly, often giving rise to corrupted files that eat your computer’s memory, significantly reducing its life.

Email and website caution

Your inbox is a haven for spammers to send malicious messages with deadly attachments. Only open emails from reliable sources and take special care when opening attachments. General rule of thumb is that you should avoid opening executable files (with extension .exe) as they install themselves automatically on your machine.

There are millions of websites online and thousands are born every day. While some Internet service providers try to block dangerous sites, it is impossible to keep pace with the population explosion of these machine crashers. A powerful, yet highly ignored way to increase the life of the PC is to only visit trusted websites.

Browser and browsing hygiene

Ensure that you are using the updated versions of your selected browser and when online, pay attention to the warnings displayed by them. Browsers are constantly updated to protect users from known dangers but the user always has the right to override these warnings. Use this option wisely.

Cookies are small packets of information that are stored on your PC every time you visit a website. It is good practice to clear the cookies and cache memory regularly as these can be used by hackers to tap into your confidential data including passwords.

Setup and maintenance

As with supplementary applications, ensure that the installation of setup software and startup drivers is from original sources only. 

Many computers have been irreparably damaged due to fluctuating voltages, so it is best to invest in a simple surge protector. This device protects against irregular changes in the supply of electricity which can short circuit almost any electronic device, such as your personal computer.

On your machine you will find certain system tools such as disk de-fragmentation and scans of disk drives which you should run regularly. These free up unused space and lessen the burden on your computer’s processor.

Physical protection

Coffee spills, tripping over exposed wiring and venting via physical abuse of the speechless machine are among the top reasons for replacing computers. While machines can err, the cause behind the error is most often the user. Hitting the computer won’t fix mistakes but can definitely add to your troubles. 

Cleaning with a soft, dry cloth and safeguarding it from toppling over can also substantially increase the life of your PC.

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