How To Safely Date Online

safe datingSingles across the globe have taken to the Internet to look for love. It opens a world of opportunity to bring together people who would never meet under any other circumstances. Accordingly, there are safety measures that should always been taken for people who are going to date online.

The biggest mistake that online daters make is giving out too much information as soon as someone catches their eye. It is easier to send a text message or talk on the phone than it is to communicate slowly through an instant messenger service. However, an initial attraction may not develop into anything serious, or you may not find yourself as interested as the other person is. Cutting ties is a lot easier to do when they do not have a way to contact you on a personal phone. Consider creating an email specifically for online dating, and do not use your full name. A new address will keep unwanted people from sending messages to your everyday email. Personal email addresses can also be a gateway link to your social media profiles. A stalker or predator can now see all of your information, including your family, friends, photos, and current location. Anyone that you meet online should understand why it is important to remain reserved until trust can be build. If they are persistent, it may be a sign that they are not a person you should trust in the first place.

Fake profiles are a growing trend in online dating for a variety of reasons. People who are not comfortable being themselves may steal photos of another person that they will pretend to be to the strangers they meet. This form of deception is dangerous for daters who may become emotionally invested in a fictitious person. Not all fake profiles are predators, but it does cause a safety concern when a stranger can lie to build trust. When someone seems too good to be true, do not become too attached until you can video chat with them. Most smartphones have the ability to video chat, and popular messengers have a camera chat feature. If they make excuses, request for them to take a photo holding a sign for you. Someone who is resistant to making an effort for you is either fake, or not that interested in the first place.

As online dating progresses to a stage of face-to-face contact, why not suggest a group date? It is good to let your friends mingle if the two of you hope to become serious. Meet in a public place where you both feel safe. The chemistry may not translate in person, or it may not work out for other reasons. A public group setting helps avoid awkward silences, or being stuck alone with a bad date.

There are numerous advantages to looking for love on the Internet, but safety should always be the top priority. Anyone can pretend to be someone that they are not, especially online. Proceed with caution when giving out information, or chatting with anyone too eager to know too many personal details. Take it slowly, and use your best judgement to attract the right person for you.

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