iConvert: The Simplest Way to Convert Audio and Video to be Compatible with iOS

IOS devices have become popular with a lot of tools to convert videos to formats compatible with these products appeared. In fact, most applications that let you convert video feature presets for creating videos compatible with iPhone, iPod or iPad, however many of the options are complicated and offer settings that many users do not understand. This is why, there are many good options present out there like iConvert application that lets you convert videos from the most simple.
What makes a tool iConvert quite attractive is the way you work. To make a video, you only have to use the familiar drag and drop, after that if you have already chosen correctly our output source (iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP4 Video, Audio) we must click on “Convert” and wait for the conversion ends, the easier it impossible.
In addition to support for a wide variety of formats (AVI, WMV, MPEG, MKV, FLV, RMVB …) iConvert gives us the option to send content directly to iTunes-generated. On the other hand, we can freely decide where we want to keep our videos. Perhaps it’s only drawback is the time of conversion, since this is not the best there but because of its simplicity it can pass by.
iConvert is a free download for Mac OS X, although if you want more, there is the option to purchase iConvert HD version that has a negligible cost and has other features like the ability to encode multiple videos at once, encode video HD and choose between “superior” or “the smallest file size” by a bar despicable.

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