iPhone Apps:10 Great iPhone Apps for Kids

Entertain your little ones on long road trips, or while you’re stuck waiting in the grocery lines with iPhone apps that are made with kids and toddlers in mind.

Helicopter Taxi ($1.99) Ages 3 & Up

Using crisp and clear graphics, the app simulates the action of a helicopter so your little one will feel like a pilot as he moves around the room. A creative way for active children on the go to do what they do best.

Parenting’s Birthday Party Playtime ($1.99) Ages 3 and Up

Most kids will have loved the Toca Tea Party app, so it’s only reasonable for the developer to create another fantastic app in collaboration with Parenting. Now it is possible to throw a party every day of the week.

Pocket Frogs (Free) Ages 4 & Up

Does your child have a unique interest in amphibians? With the new Pocket Frogs app he could trade, collect and breed frogs in various habitats. He’ll earn rewards as the game progresses.

Cut the Rope ($0.99) Ages 4 & Up

Om Nom is a monster that your child will either love or hate. Either way, he keeps children busy as he uses special tools to solve puzzles. The intensity of the games means that this is a must have app if you want peace and quiet time on very long road trips.

Plants Vs. Zombies ($2.99) Ages 9 & Up

It’s truly the plants (50 of them) versus the zombies in this wildly riveting game. No plant but these would have the smarts to make light of these brain thirsty zombies. The game is truly a game that would intrigue older kids and the smart younger ones too. Up to 50 levels makes for hours of playtime, so make sure you keep the charger within reach.

Disney Fairies Fly ($4.99) Ages 3 & Up

When Tinkerbell is not enough for your little pixie, Disney Fairies Fly just might do the trick. Your toddler will have to maneuver the phone this way and that in order to move the fairy along the Pixie Hollow and collect treasures along the way.

Jelly Car 2 ($.99) Age 5 & up

Jelly Car was a huge hit and Jelly Car 2 is an excellent follow up. The new Jelly Car comes with 30 new levels and three modes for loads of fun and learning.

Super Why! ($2.99) Ages 3-6

Your child might already be familiar with the Super Why gang on PBS, now you can bring them to your iPhone to deliver learning on the go. From the alphabet, to rhymes, writing, reading and spelling this is a fun and educational app that will keep your toddler fully occupied.

American Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs (Free) All Ages

What kid doesn’t like dinosaurs? The app comes with over 800 photos and dinosaur facts that will delight your budding paleontologist. It’s also one of the few apps that you won’t mind using yourself.

SmackTalk ($0.99) All Ages

This app records your child’s words and plays it back in a squeaky or freaky voice. You might not like it but children can’t get enough.

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