Mobile Office Tools: Taking Your Business On-the-Go

In this day and age of mobile and wireless technology, there’s no need to be confined to a desk or a specific office. Take your entire business with you to any location and make it work with just a few modern tools.


Whether you choose an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Phone, a smartphone makes managing your business on the go easier. By combining a phone, email, texting, music player, calendar, to-do list, camera, and Bluetooth technology, you have a miniature version of your business right in the palm of your hand. You can also type documents, update social media on Facebook and Twitter, and purchase helpful business apps.

Tablet Computer or Laptop

Depending on your personal preferences, a tablet computer or laptop is a business necessity. The tablet is better for a visual business, like makeup artist, fashion designer, or video editor. A laptop is better for complex purposes, like video games and graphic design, or keyboard-intensive professions like blogging, creative writing and website coding. Keep a folder portfolio of your best work on the device ready to show a prospective client or customer. Get a protective carrying case for your device and keep it updated with the latest software.

Wireless Printers

A wireless printer that goes with your device can be set up anywhere for instant printing. The iPad works with AirPrint, while either Mac or Windows laptops can be set up with most wireless printers. Keep printer ink costs in mind when you purchase the printer if you use lots of paper. Printers are useful for making physical copies of your important documents, printing customer invoices, printing letters, and other business uses. If you have just a tablet computer and not a laptop, make sure the printer has scanning capabilities to scan documents.

Digital Camera

While you may have a camera as a smartphone feature, it’s a smart business move to also purchase a separate digital camera. It’s also a good idea to become familiar with the camera’s features or take a class in digital photography. Travel writers can take their own photos, makeup artists and painters can document their creations, bloggers can provide visual references to their posts, actors can take headshots, and stylists can take fashion photos. If you’re serious about digital photography, an advanced program like Adobe Photoshop is a must. Most digital cameras can also take videos, which you then post to your blog, website, or put on video websites like YouTube or Vimeo.


Every mobile business should have a website. Website technology has advanced to the point where they have become simple to set up, require almost no coding, and provide instant communication and feedback. Prospective clients and customers can learn more about your business and get in touch with you. Provide the best examples of your work, customer testimonials, contact information, and news of what’s going on in your business.

External Hard Drive

No business can afford to lose pertinent information, so an external hard drive is a must-have purchase. It’s even more important for a mobile business, since the location changes so frequently. Develop a regular backup schedule. Keep the hard drive in a safe place to prevent any data loss.

Notebook & pen

It might seem old-fashioned for a notebook and pen to be necessary elements of a mobile business, but it’s often quicker to jot a note than fire up a technology device. Notebooks are also useful for quick sketches, little reminders, and short to-do lists.

The prospect of setting up and running a mobile business doesn’t take many technological tools, but these few key devices will help you operate the most efficiently. Now you’re ready to take your mobile business with you anywhere.

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