Must Watch YouTube Personalities for Makeup Tutorials


has a plethora of makeup gurus posting videos on its site. While most are exceptional in the facial art form, there’s a handful that are consistently posting amazing makeup tutorials. For those who need extra instruction as well as those looking to try a newer look, these personalities provide the vocalization and visual aids necessary to learn how to pull it off. Their fresh and innovative takes on ways to apply makeup are inspiring just as much as they are enviable.

Pixiwoo, one of the greatest viral duos, has one of the most watched and subscribed to channels that’s dedicated to posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. As the brainchild of British makeup artists and sisters, Sam and Nic, Pixiwoo videos give the scoop on what products professionals use and how they perfectly apply makeup on celebrities. Sam and Nic have experience working with all different types of skin, and this is evident in the many videos that they post where a guest sits in and gets their makeup done. Their looks are easy to learn and dramatic.

Another team of sisters to make waves on the ‘Tube have been Elle and Blair Fowler, popularly known by their cyber names AllThatGlitters21 and juicystar07. Although they have two different channels, sometimes they come together and make joint videos. Blair has become a sensation with her bubbly personality and easygoing makeup choices. As two All-American ‘girls-next-door’, their style is cool and casual. They have the perfect tutorials for light day to day makeup.

Marlena of Makeup Geek TV has an approach all of her own when it comes to providing viewers with the instructions necessary to getting the perfect look for any occasion. Instead of going through the styles that work for her, like most makeup tutorialists do, Marlena offers advice for women of all shades and complexions on how to wear makeup that’s best suited individually. She goes over the basics from picking and applying the right foundation to balancing the color of lipstick with that of eyeshadow. Often times Marlena will even answer your questions or do videos on requested topics. Her channel is great for beginners to learn the basics. Marlena’s specialty is blending eye-popping eyeshadow colors.

Promise Tamang Phan, aka dope2111, is a definite must see makeup guru if only to look at the new ideas she’s come up with. Not your typical makeup styles, Promise’s videos show makeup transformations. While most makeup gurus on YouTube post celebrity-inspired tutorials, Promise actually makes herself look identical to the stars, which include female and male, real and animations. Her looks seem difficult to accomplish, but because of the in-depth instructions she gives on how and what to use; they are completely doable.

Undeniably the most inspirational YouTube makeup artist and personality is Talia Castellano. At just 12 years old, Talia has the skills of an artist twice her age. She started her YouTube video channel, “Makeup is my Wig”, a little over a year ago and has already gained a following of over 100,000 people. What stands out even more than her talent for using makeup, is her bright, joyful spirit. When she was only 7, Talia was diagnosed with cancer. During chemotherapy her hair fell out. Instead of covering her head with wigs or hats, she decided to embrace being bald. Turning to her love of makeup, Talia decided to share her story through her gift, and began posting makeup videos. Though Talia has shown in her videos that a face can be made to look like a beautiful work of art, an underlying message is also displayed; true beauty lies within.

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