Protect Important and Confidential Data with Data Encryption

Data EncryptionFor large commercial enterprises, any compromise of business data–whether by theft, accident, or human error – can come at a heavy legal and financial price. This mistake has been known to cripple companies with massive consequences. With large fines for potential violation of privacy, as well as public disclosure leading to a negative reputation, organisations can experience immense financial loss.

Self-encrypting drives are the most reliable, efficient solution to preventing these repercussions. It effectively safeguards all information in the event of lost or stolen archives, ensuring your company’s high standing is secure.

The Benefits of Data Encryption

Powerful – Today, you are capable of receiving military-grade security that is still surprisingly simple and affordable. It is based on high global standards and big enough to make sure that entire companies achieve full compliance with all security policies.

Flexible – Encrypting information has become sophisticated, allowing you to effectively safeguard all sensitive data, no matter where it has been stored. Whether it’s contained on a laptop, a desktop, a removable storage device, a PDA, an e-mail server, or the business network, it will be protected. You can access information anywhere, such as on the road, at work, or within the confines of your home.

Transparency – Data encryption won’t negatively impact your company, allowing any corporation to run at a normal pace whilst quietly securing data out of sight. This will allow protection without disruption so that users are not even aware of the ongoing process as they work.

High security capabilities – Encryption is constant and always running. Your information will be under protection all the time, without fail. Solutions require user authentication, as well as pre-boot authentication, separate from the operating system.

Peace of mind – Should the worst happen and your computer becomes lost or subject to thievery, you won’t have to be concerned about data breaches, as all information will be wholly secure.

Safe computer decommissioning – When you replace your old computer, data is normally easily retrievable once it is repurposed or disposed of, even if you have taken the time to reformat the hard disk and restore it to factory settings. With data encryption, all information won’t be recoverable.

Types of Encryption

Structured and unstructured data encryption – There is more than one type of information, so for enterprises to remain safe, they need to have a system that encrypts both structured and unstructured data.

Cloud Encryption – With some companies, you can enjoy all the advantages that cloud storage gives you, without having to risk any valuable information. You, as the user, will have control over all the encryption keys, as well as access to archived data at any time from multiple devices, including mobile devices and PCs.

Saas Data Encryption – Saas encryption will eradicate any concerns for information privacy. It is designed to encrypt all valuable data in real time before transferring it to the cloud. Customers are afforded freedom of choice regarding numerous types of encryption and tokenisation algorithms, as well as control over the keys.

Application and database encryption – Database encryption works by reporting about all who accesses specified, sensitive data, while giving customers standard control access and data encryption.

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