Reviews:Perfect Uninstaller Review

Perfect Uninstaller is considered by many as the ultimate solution when it comes to uninstalling programs. Those who are working with Windows are fully aware of the fact that the default program uninstaller designed for Windows is incapable of meeting all their requirements. It should be noted that while the uninstaller is good, there are certain cases when it does not work in uninstalling specific programs such as browser toolbars and anti-virus software. This might result to leaving configuration files and directories behind, thereby causing your PC to slow down.

Using Perfect Uninstaller will prevent these things from happening. This program works in thoroughly and easily uninstalling all unwanted programs from your computer. In comparison to other uninstallers, this program is effective in directly uninstalling programs and software from the hard drive’s folders. This is powerful enough if you wish to get rid of corrupted programs that tend to stay even if you use the utility designed to add and remove programs in the control panel. The good thing about Perfect Uninstaller is that you can remove all the unwanted files and programs while ensuring that your PC is protected against crashing. Note that once it performs the un-installation process, the program can be expected to scan your registry and drives completely. This offers enough protection against crashing due to corrupted errors in the registry, thereby enhancing your computer’s speed and performance.

There are numerous reasons why Perfect Uninstaller is now highly recommended to PC users. One of these is that it is easy to use and install. It is introduced in a small package (1.7 megabytes) and can be quickly and conveniently installed in all versions of Windows. After installing the program, you can start to access a menu which lists all the installed programs and software in your PC. You are also given 3 basic options when it comes to uninstalling them. These options are the regular uninstall, the force uninstall and the special uninstall. You can also expect to enjoy the following benefits from this program:

• Forcibly removes software and programs especially the hidden and corrupted ones that tend to remain no matter what you do
• Improves the performance of your PC by removing corrupted errors
• Offers numerous ways in viewing installed apps and programs
• User friendly interface
• Provides relevant details about all the applications currently installed in your PC

Considering the powerful nature of Perfect Uninstaller and its effectiveness in removing all unwanted and harmful programs, applications, files and software from your PC, it is no longer surprising why it is strongly recommended for all computer users.

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