Reviews:Regeasycleaner Review

The registry designed for Windows serves as a database repository containing all the details related to a PC’s configuration. This means that the act of regularly uninstalling and installing software and programs in your computer might cause your registry to become messy. This leads to decreased PC performance that might result to crashes. It should be noted that the size of your Windows registry maintains its growth. If it becomes filled with details, then there is a great tendency for it to become unstable and lose the desirable performance of your computer. This is the main reason why every computer user is advised to invest in a high quality and fully functional registry cleaner.

In your search for the most effective registry cleaner, you will want to know that the Regeasycleaner from CheeseSoft Ltd is perfect for you. It utilizes high-performance and powerful detection algorithm which is capable of quickly identifying invalid and missing references in your registry. The good thing about this registry cleaner is that it works faster because a few simple and easy steps are only required to be followed when scanning your registry for obsolete and invalid entries. Regeasycleaner is also capable of providing a list of detected registry errors that may harm your computer. This will enable you to either select a few items that you plan to remove or automatically repair all the entries in the list. What makes this cleaner even more impressive is that it can offer a backup mechanism for all your repaired files. This gives you the chance to conveniently recover any required changes.

Regeasycleaner also allows you to take full advantage of its file recovery feature. This is known as a powerful toolkit which is effective in detecting deleted files without changing them. This will enable you to accurately recover them anytime. Another great feature in this registry cleaner is the file joiner and splitter toolkit which works by splitting up huge files such as songs, backups, movies, videos, archived document files, multimedia and zip archives into smaller chunks. This specific feature is a huge help in shaping up pieces and combining them so the original files can be brought back.

Regeasycleaner is also beneficial because of its ability to perform auto and custom scans and manual cleanup. The automatic scan is a huge help in scanning the registry of different types of errors and works suitably for non-technical PC users. The custom scan is also powerful enough that it allows you to customize the scanning of your registry by choosing the kind of errors that you want to detect including invalid startup entries and missing fonts. The manual cleanup is done after the scanning is successfully completed.

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