stop windows 7 error 0x0000007b

If you’re here to learn how to stop Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b, you probably already had that little heart attack users usually feel when they first see this error, also known as BSoD, Blue Screen of Death, and Error 0x7b. There are many different ways to fix this, but here are three methods that have proven to give the best results:

Method #1: Boot into Last Known Good Configuration

Your PC’s Last Known Good Configuration is the last configuration that allowed Windows to successfully start. Here are the steps to boot into your PC’s Last Known Good Configuration:


Press F8 as the computer starts to boot up. If done successfully, the advanced boot options will appear. If not, the Windows logo will appear. Restart your computer and do this step again.


From the advanced boot options, choose Last Known Good Configuration. Your PC should start normally. If not, move on and try other methods.

Method #2: Scan for boot sector or master boot record viruses

Data corruption can be caused by viruses, and when these viruses infect the boot sector or master boot records, then you may be in danger of running into Error 0x7b. Scanning for viruses in the boot sector requires the use of Windows Defender Offline Beta.

Method #3: Use Startup Repair

Startup Repair may be used to diagnose and fix common problems in Windows startup. This can be done in two ways: using a system repair disc or using a preinstalled recovery option.
System repair discs are easier to use. All you need to do is to insert the CD into the disc drive, shut down the PC, startup the PC, and then follow the instructions that appear. The second way is similar to Method #1, though instead of choosing Last Known Good Configuration, you should choose Startup Repair.

The Best Solution

You already know how to stop Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b, but what you should really do is to make sure that you never get to encounter this error ever again. First off, make sure that Startup doesn’t contain too many programs. Too many startup programs will flood the system’s memory before you even get the chance to use your PC. Secondly, avoid having too many running programs at the same time. Restarting your PC may help refresh your system’s RAM.
Many users feel that the BSoD is an omen of more frequent errors to come, and most of the time they aren’t wrong. Instead of just learning how to stop Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b and fixing the problem at the surface, look at what causes the error fix it from there.

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