Ten Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Using keyboard shortcuts is the easiest way to save you time and effort when you need to access commonly used symbols or processes. Indeed, navigating through shortcuts will keep your internet browsing fast and sharp.

You can use shortcuts to inserts symbols instead of spending hours searching the internet for them and subsequently continuously copying and pasting them throughout your work. Some of the most used symbols in business are available in a three key combo. Pressing and holding Ctrl and Alt  and adding a letter to the combination will serve up the symbol. If you add C, you’ll deliver a ©. R, returns ®. T displays ™.  E shows € and the L creates a numbered list 1) 2).

Lost Symbols

© Ctrl Alt C
® Ctrl Alt R
Ctrl Alt T
Ctrl Alt E
3) Ctrl Alt L


There’s a great little time saver if you’re working on many documents, across different programs at the same time. Instead of having to take your hands off the keyboard and away from your typing, you should try holding Alt and pressing Tab to very quickly flick between all the open windows.

That might also help you out if the boss is coming over and you’ve been pricing up the holiday instead of writing up their sales from the last week. However, if you’ve got nothing work related on the screen, you could be in more trouble. That is until you quickly press the Window key and hit D. All your windows will minimise and you’ll be left with a completely empty desktop.

Workplace Help

navigate between windows Alt Tab
hide everything and display the desktop Win D


The last three shortcuts that you should know will help you out on the internet. They’ll allow you to quickly open and close your tabs. To open a new blank tab, simply hold Ctrl and press T. If you’ve just closed a tab by mistake, you can quickly reopen it without going through your history by holding Ctrl and Shift, then pressing T.  The last shortcut is the emergency go to – if you’re busy buying your girlfriend’s birthday present and she walks over – hold Ctrl and press W. That will close down all of the tabs and the whole window.

Workplace Help

Open new tab Ctrl T
Open the last closed tab Ctrl Shift T
Close the current tab Ctrl W


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