The EBay Hacking Scandal – Is Your Account Secure?

EBay Hacking

The recent hacking of over 200 million accounts on the world’s largest auction site has raised serious concerns about security. It’s believed hackers were able to access dates of birth, passwords and other personal information. EBay has offered reassurances that financial data of user accounts wasn’t compromised. The fact that a major organisation like eBay can suffer a security breach highlights the need for constant vigilance in all online transactions.

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The eBay hacking scandal was made worse due to delays in advising customers of the potential that criminals had access to personal data. It’s believed it took as long as three months for eBay to identify the hacking issue. It was a further two weeks before eBay decided to alert the general public. Cybercriminals are stepping up their efforts to obtain personal data, and the threat of ID fraud and consumer scams is on the increase. EBay have a responsibility to protect their users from security breaches, but individuals should also take steps to protect their accounts. The following tips will help to ensure your eBay account remains secure.


Never use the same password over multiple sites.Online security experts warn this habit can lead to serious problems. If you use the same password across a number of sites you are exposing your personal and financial data to multiple risks. If cybercriminals are able to hack one of your logins they could go on to access your bank account, credit cards and Paypal account. Managing a series of passwords can be time consuming, but it’s essential for online security.
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Use complex passwords that can’t be cracked.Using children’s names and other easy to crack passwords are of the main reasons online security breaches take place. A strong password should contain a series of letters, numbers and symbols. Sophisticated hackers are still able to beat more complex passwords, but they are likely to move on to softer targets if you make life difficult for them. Don’t be put off by the idea of having to remember more complex passwords, as there are apps and tools to deal with this for you.


Be constantly vigilant.Most security breaches take place because the victim falls for a fairly simple scam. If you receive an email inviting you to change your password or enter other personal data, don’t do anything until you’ve checked the source of the message. Clicking through to links in emails can put you at risk. The safest way to deal with these situations is to ignore the email and contact the company or site directly.


Take extra care with public computers and networks.Logging onto eBay and other accounts on shared computers or networks can be an increased security risk. Cybercriminals use a variety of techniques to pick up passwords and personal data from computer users in public places. Always make sure you are logged out of your account before walking away from a shared computer.


Keep your anti-virus software up to date.Good anti-virus software is essential for defending your computer against hackers. Make regular scans to check for viruses and malware. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to beat security software, so make sure you are running the most recent version.

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