6 Free Privacy and Security Apps for Your Android Device

Privacy and Security AppsProtect your Android device from malware, block applications from snooping on and accessing your personal data, and browse the Web securely. This article talks about six security and privacy apps for Android smartphones and tablets. The free mobile apps that were discussed include Bluebox Security Scanner, Bitdefender’s Antivirus Suite, ESET’s Mobile Security & Antivirus, SecureWeb Browser, Clueful Privacy Advisor, and Wickr.

Your Web-enabled mobile device is much more vulnerable to malware and cyber-attacks compared to your PC–what with automatic patching being done for your desktop operating system. Protect your privacy and personal data by arming your Android smartphone and tablet with apps that keep malware at bay, as well as hamper the unnoticeable data-collection efforts of online services and other third parties.


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Bluebox Security Scanner

Bluebox Security Scanner is an app that helps secure your device and protect your sensitive user data. This free mobile app checks your device for its vulnerability to the various security flaws affecting Android-based devices. It also verifies if your device enables app installation from unknown sources and whether or not those installed applications are attempting to exploit any of the known Android security holes.
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Bitdefender’s Antivirus Suite

This free antivirus suite from Bitdefender scans for malware and offers real-time security when you browse the Web through your mobile device. It also comes with a handy privacy advisor and some anti-theft features.
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ESET’s Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET’s Mobile Security & Antivirus is an excellent alternative to Bitdefender’s Antivirus Suite. This free Android app automatically scans your downloaded apps and files and comes with quarantine capabilities to isolate infected items in your mobile device. Through SMS, you can activate its anti-theft features for remote locking, wiping, and tracking via GPS.
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SecureWeb Browser

Download the free SecureWeb Browser from the Google Play store and take advantage of its real-time security features as you browse the Web and shop on e-commerce sites. This Android app alerts you when you visit a website that has been flagged as malicious. SecureWeb Browser also offers password management so that you can easily and securely get to your passwords while on the go.
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Clueful Privacy Advisor

The free Clueful Privacy Advisor app from Bitdefender helps you ward off snooping attempts on your mobile activities. It enables you to view an application’s “privacy score,” which gives an idea of how your personal information is used (or abused) by software developers. It also specifies the high-risk apps in your device that compromise your privacy, as well as what those apps have been doing in the background while you go about using the different features of your Android device.
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Wickr is a free messaging service that has versions for both Android and iOS devices. It guarantees your privacy with its self-destruct messaging feature and encrypts every message with a corresponding unique key. Wickr allows you to decide who among your contacts can see certain messaging details and how long they are able to do that.
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