The new patent Apple: Headset for iPhone 5 or something else?

In the latter patent filed by Apple, it set out the principle of a wireless headset, complete with a built-in MP3 player. Can this thing be part of your own headset for the iPhone 5 – or is it something else?
A recent report in the Journal of the filing of a patent Computerworld Apple on a wireless headset with a built-in media player, created a lot of rumours. Among the rumours is that this headset can be a new headset for the future of the iPhone 5.
Computerworld says that the patent – is, in fact, an iPod with a microphone and built-in stereo headphones, located in the headset, if you wear the headset will be around the back of the head.
If we were talking only about an iPod with an integrated headset, it would be one thing, but here it has represented something completely different: an attached microphone, as well as the opportunity to listen to voice messages – and, of course, the proprietary name – makes this project a true hybrid of headset and the media player.
The Computerworld believes that the main driving force to enter a new headset from Apple is the point of view of sales “in the world uses about 316 million devices iOS. This is a huge market for headsets Apple and in particular, to integrate devices with firmware iOS 6. And if the new headset will be compatible with the iPhone, and will be able to navigate through the tracks using the voice assistant Siri, the sales department will remain a dream for the early launch of this device. ”
But it is quite possible that this device can becomes an integral part of the new iPhone 5 in the official positions of its headset. But who decided that any iPhone user will need Bluetooth headset with built-in media player? Would not this be a completely unnecessary piece of equipment? In the end, a device which is connected to the headset has a much more advanced media player, connected to iCloud. In addition, the design patent does not include connectivity to iCloud, and a small storage capacity limits the number of downloaded tracks.
Computerworld suggests that the main emphasis will be placed on design, because “in the headset, it can be pre-loaded via USB any tracks, so you can enjoy music, even if you do not have with you, iPhone, iPad or iPod”. It is quite possible to have a headset as an alternative to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. But to have it as an integral part of the iPhone, it seems quite unnecessary.
There is a possibility that the patent will be integrated into more complex designs that Apple has taken this step, as opposed to the concept of “Google Glasses”, that the headphones and microphone are part of the mobile device, which is a continuation of the concept of hands-free.

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