HP Slate 8, tablet with Windows 8

Some news source on the web has revealed that HP is preparing its future tablet that will demonstrate the future operating system of Microsoft Windows 8. This new tablet will be initially focused on the professional market.
The Slate 8 will be featuring a large screen of 10.1 inches and x86 hardware(32 bit architecture), a highly mobile weighing 680 grams and a thickness of 9.2 mm, as thin as the Apple iPad leading the consumer market.
Moreover, it could use the new Intel processors Ivy Bridge that will be giving high performance and a longer battery backup as well. This battery backup will be in range of up to 10 hours. It will also be including enterprise security and an additional DockStation of the tablet.
Use of the new operating system Windows 8 would make the interface Metro Slate 8 of a user experience unreached by previous Slate with Windows 7. It will have touch features supporting fingers and styli. A model to take into account the professional user would come with the operating system from Microsoft in autumn 2012. So, all HP fans and followers will be waiting for this new upcoming thunder device from HP in 2012.

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