This is the New Apple TV

There are days that bloggers were right with their predictions. Yesterday at this time, a blogger wrote that he saw no feasibility again as Apple TV screen with the integrated within, but rather a modification of the device we already knew. And so it happened, the prelude of the new iPhone has been the introduction of new well (but not both) Apple TV. It has been clearly overshadowed by what he has come up minutes later. But news has significant enough to overlook and ignore such information.

First, as defendant brings 1080p video playback. With the screens of today, this feature was made ‚Äč‚Äčcompulsory, especially for watching movies on the quality we provide the full HD. Continue to suffer from it; you might have twisted and plans to sell much to Apple.
It also has a really interesting role. If we feel great the Genius in iTunes or the AppStore, we recommend music or apps based on our library is now built into our Apple TV. That is, we advise new films with reference to those we have already seen. Certainly I think the best scenario you could give Genius: cinema.

An indirect role, or derived from another release, is that you can perform mirroring via Air Play with Mountain Lion, which has encouraged more than one be finalized with an Apple TV.
Finally, note that its interface has been modified, giving a strange twist to the colour instead of monochrome icons and progress toward greater minimalism to which we had used Apple for some time.
Its price, the same as its predecessor: U.S. $ 99 in all likelihood, 119 Euros in Spain instead of 80 (approximately) which is the currency exchange.

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