Three Simple Strategies to Get More Out of Google Searches

Google is a powerful search tool used by millions around the world to find useful information. However, the more commercial results tend to lead search results. By using certain strategies, however it is possible to obtain the items that are most relevant for your needs and avoid being inundated with irrelevant or out of date information. This article outlines three useful strategies to help you save time, get more out of your Google searches and obtain up to date information.

Use Different Search Commands

The most common way to refine Google search is to use different search commands. In order to find avoid bringing up particular words, for instance you can add “–“ before the word you want to exclude. For instance, to find images of the Beatles excluding Paul McCartney you would input “Beatles image –McCartney”. It is also possible to include synonyms for your search term. Simply add ”~” before your search term. For instance, to include synonyms in a search for candy you could enter “~candy”. Familiarize yourself with the search terms in order to receive more precise search results. Although it takes some practice, this strategy can produce reliable results and enable you to obtain a higher level of accuracy than with a simple search.

Search for Recent Posts

Many Google searches offer up out of date Ezine articles and blog posts containing the searched-for term. This frustration can be solved by adding a time condition in your search query. In order to obtain the most recent results, refine your search to focus on results within a certain period. Simply insert the command ‘…’ before the desired time period. For instance, to look for early Beatles photos you could enter “Beatles images…1963”. This will exclude images from later years and concentrate results on items from the target period. Since it cuts down on expired information, many users have found this approach to be particularly useful and it has allowed millions to get more out of Google search sessions.

Search for Forums

Since they often contain the most up to date information, forums can be a great way to obtain the latest information about a particular topic. Include ‘forum’ in your search query to focus your results on specific online communities. This approach can also filter out commercial results and allow you to gain a better understanding of your chosen topic. Include a specific time period in the query to obtain only the most recent results. Since it gears search results toward communities of enthusiasts rather than commercial providers, this strategy can enable you to obtain balanced information from proven authorities in almost any field. As more online forums become established, this strategy is likely to increase in value.

Smart Google Strategies Yield Results

By being specific in your Google search, it is possible to generate rich results that are directly relevant to your needs. By tapping into online resources outside of the Google search mainstream you can gain access to a wealth of information that is more current than many encyclopedias. Take some time to try out these strategies and get more out of your Google search today!

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