Five Inexpensive Phone Travel Apps

Five Inexpensive Phone Travel AppsYour phone goes everywhere with you, so it makes for the perfect travel companion. Many travel-oriented apps are helpful, but the download can cost upwards of $30! For those who are looking for help while traveling, but are trying to do so on the cheap, these five apps are definitely worth a look.


WiFi Finder. When you’re traveling, your data plan can become maxed out quickly if you don’t watch it. Since you’re in an unfamiliar place, you likely don’t know where all the WiFi hotspots are located. WiFi Finder offers a solution. The app displays a Google map of the immediate area, with all the WiFi hotspots tagged. You can filter results by location types, and whether WiFi access is free to the public. Users can also enter unlisted WiFi spots to alert others of their existence. The best part is the app is free.


Lonely Planet Audio Phrasebooks. If you are traveling where they don’t speak the same language, you might find this app highly useful. You choose the language you are trying to learn, and the app gives you common phrases you can reference quickly. Not only will you better understand what you are paying for, but some locals might give you a better deal because you try to speak their language.


Hostelworld. Hostels are popular ways to travel on the cheap in certain parts of the world, since a stay costs a fraction of what even a cheap hotel would run. This app helps you locate nearby hostels, and it features reviews written by people who have stayed at various locations. The best part is you don’t have to turn over any of your info for you to see reviews, something that isn’t possible with similar apps.


Skype. Just like the software for your computer, Skype’s mobile phone app allows you to talk to loved ones far away for free if you’re calling another Skype user. Calls to non-Skype accounts costs a little, but it’s nothing compared to what that same phone call from your hotel run will run. Also, the app allows you to text, instant message and even do file transfers to other phones.


TripIt. Available as a free app, TripIt manages your travel itinerary for you, helping you relax and enjoy your vacation. The app reads all of your confirmation emails and then pools the information into one easy-to-read source. You can also email your travel plans to friends or family with a few taps.


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