Tips for improving battery performance with IOS 5.1

Although iPhone OS 5.1 has improved the battery consumption in Apple, you may see some tips and ways to use to help prolong the life of it in your everyday use.
When iPhone OS 5.1 is presented on day 7, all eyes were on whether the bleeding finally solved the battery that afflicted devices with more demands on resources.
And while the truth is that the update completed and consumption contained more than acceptable, the issue of food continues tensions to Apple engineers, especially following the launch of the new iPhone, with things like the battery does not charges under certain conditions of use even when unplugged or if the charge indicator indicates it is complete when it is not there at all.
We, as users, we also do our bit for the battery iPad iPhone or hold a little more before it runs out, just by changing a few settings in the usual configuration of the device and a more efficient, without having to sacrifice any of the specifications for which we have invested precisely in the model we have and we do not want to lose just to save on battery.
A good way to begin to lengthen the life of our gadget is to disable all external connections that we are not using. Remove the 3G network when we are in our Wi-Fi, or the latter if we do use the Internet (or bluetooth, if we use accessories) helps considerably that the battery hold much more.
Continuing the theme of connections, these are a real devourer of battery life and would not hurt to try to use more sustainable, as when we avoid leaving the tap running when washing, for example.
Reduce the number of notifications (turning them off in Settings / Notifications) of applications you receive throughout the day, rather than a positive impact on battery life and some of the options for icloud. If you can do without Photo Streaming, disable it. If your iPhone just move your home, turn off Find My iPhone, etc..
For that matter, perhaps you worth in your settings disable Location Services.
And as for everyday use, is much more advisable to view multimedia content (videos, music, photos …) that we own sync through iTunes to use streaming (youtube, etc …) if possible, and to do it that way consumes less battery. Moreover, we can even see that movie or read the e-book we are reading with the iPad in airplane mode.
In addition to saving battery, we get a notification that distract us from the time of leisure and so kill two birds with one stone.
Since we are talking about seeing screen content, we are talking about the magnificent display of the new iPad resolucionaria, lower brightness of it really helps to extend battery life. In most cases we can enjoy what you see on the screen brightness at a rate even lower than 60%, saving the maximum brightness when needed.
If you see, those 10 hours of battery life are, make no mistake, something really great, we hope that with these simple modes of use have helped you squeeze even more time between cycles of your battery IOS device.

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