Tips To Make Your Internet Explorer More Secure

When you are using the internet, you are putting yourself at risk to encounter plenty of security issues and malicious content. However, when you are using the web to pay bills, access personal information, check email or simply surf the web, it is important that you have the proper security to keep your computer, and personal information, safe from harm. Here are some tips to consider when using Internet Explorer to assure that you are more secure.

Upgrade and Update

It can be frustrating to get pop-ups what seems like every few days, informing you that there is a new update to install for IE. However, these updates are intended to help you out and keep you safe. In most cases, these updates specifically protect and prevent against some of the increasing threats that are available on the Internet. On the other hand, outdated protection is more susceptible to intrusion from malicious programs.

Adjust Security

The typical security features that are put on Internet Explorer can be fine for a novice computer user who doesn’t use their system for much. However, if you are using it regularly for important tasks, be sure that you specifically adjust your security settings. You can change the level of security, allow trusted sites and also setup restricted sites as well. In doing all of this, you can limit the potential of accessing traffic that would otherwise be dangerous to your computer.

Security Add-Ons

You aren’t the only one who wants to fully maximize the security that comes with using the Internet. Some people, who are likely much better with a computer than you might be, have taken the time to make internet add-ons that make for a better Internet experience. You can go through some of these add-ons to see which ones might be best applicable to you to make for a better browsing experience. Also verify that the add-ons are approved and you will be even more safe and protected.

SmartScreen Filter

One of the more appreciated updates that came with IE8 was the addition of SmartScreen Filter. This warning message lets you know whenever you come across a site or download that may be malicious and warns you against continuing further. SmartScreen Filter is automatically turned on when you first upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or later, so you should be set to go without too many changes on your part.

Tracking Protection

SmartScreen Filter was great in IE8, but Tracking Protection was equally useful in IE9 and IE10. Getting advertisements and pop-ups can not only make for an annoying browsing experience, but they can also harm your computer. Luckily, Tracking Protection offered by Internet Explorer will cut down on this dramatically. This will also limit the amount of third-party content you get from websites that you visit.

The best way to get all of these features protecting you is to make sure you upgrade your current Internet Explorer. That is why it was at the top of this list and it also remains one of the most beneficial things you can do to protect yourself every time you are on the Internet.

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