Top Five Cloud Storage Providers of 2014

One of the most popular forms of data storage, whether for space management or back-up purposes, is moving your files to the cloud. Even smartphones utilize the cloud to store your applications, photos, videos, documents, and more. And, as with any widespread service, there are numerous different providers – each with their own benefits. Here’s a list of the five best providers of cloud storage in the year 2014.


Arguably the most popular cloud storage provider of all-time, is Dropbox. They’ve been around for several years now, and were one of the first to offer this type of service as an integrated folder with your current file system. In regards to ease of access, and affordability, Dropbox is right up there with the best. There’s even a handy mobile app you can use to sync files between your desktop, laptop, and smartphone. If there’s one are Dropbox could use improvement, it would be security.

Google Drive

It wouldn’t be a popular form of technology if Google didn’t have something to offer. Google Drive is something that evolved from Google Docs, and the features from Docs are offered in Drive as well. You can create and edit documents and spreadsheets within your browser, no need for an expensive copy of Microsoft Office. With 15GB of free storage, you really can’t go wrong, and Google is well known for being ultra-secure.

Just Cloud

A very highly reviewed cloud solution, that isn’t quite as popular as Dropbox or Google Drive, is Just Cloud. Despite not being the most well-known provider, they do have a wide variety of useful features, and extensive support – including phone support – for users who are having any issues. Just Cloud offers both a free account with limited storage and features, as well as a paid account with unlimited storage.

Zip Cloud

Compatibility is a huge factor in Zip Cloud’s success, not only can you use this service on your PC and mobile devices, but on Mac and Linux as well. Support and Security are also very good with this service, but unlike Just Cloud, you don’t receive any phone support. However, unlimited storage at the low price of $4.95 is difficult to turn down.


Honestly, Dropbox and Google Drive are quite similar, as are Just Cloud and Zip Cloud, but SugarSync is almost like a hybrid of these four services. Imagine the extensive support of Just Cloud, with the ease of access of Dropbox, coupled with the Security of Google Drive. However, despite offering these features, SugarSync isn’t quite the best in any areas, but they do come to a close second in almost every category.

Closing Thoughts

Out of these five choices, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a solid Cloud Storage service provider within your budget. Whether you value more storage or tighter security, you’ve got several fantastic options to choose from.  The best part is, you can try each one of them for free to see how it feels, before making a subscription purchase.

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