Why You Should Choose Google Glass over Apple iWatch

The age of wearable computing is underway, and one by one, tech titans are fielding their futuristic devices to consumers in the hopes of catching the imagination of tech-savvy users.

Should you grab hold of a sleek Apple iWatch or go for the upcoming Google Glass marvel? At this point, iWatch is only speculation and the Glass has no consumer-ready specimens yet. But it is only a matter of time when these devices hit the shelves. And when they do, why should you choose the Glass over Apple’s smart watch? Here are several good reasons.

One, the Glass gives you full hands-free computing. With the smart watch, it is likely you will be interacting through a tiny touch-based interface. The iWatch is akin to a high-end smartphone you wear around your wrist. Although wearing a smart watch is far more discreet than a smart pair of eyeglasses, the Glass gives you greater flexibility. For instance, its head tracking knows the direction of your gaze and its private audio experience is accomplished via bone conduction. Your hands are free to perform workplace tasks and household chores.

Two, the Glass can help you save time. Searching the internet for information can be made faster in a well-engineered version of the Glass. Real-time alerts and notifications even preempt and deliver the information you may need. When you take out your smartphone to look for something online, you push buttons or swipe the screen—a routine that adds to time wasted every day. Google Glass can change that.

And three, one of the most unique advantages of Google Glass over an iWatch is the ability to juxtapose digital information on a strategically positioned screen interface with your view of the natural world. While wearing the Glass, you can simultaneously view webpages and watch whatever’s unfolding before you. Now that’s spectacular modern engineering seamlessly incorporated into your daily routine.

 By K. Ong

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