5 Tips For Customizing Your Windows 7 PC

Windows 7 is a fantastic operating system. One thing that many people can’t be bothered with or don’t have time for is adding a ‘personal’ touch. Here are five tips to make you happier and feel more comfortable with your Windows 7 PC.

1 – Slide Show Background
Setting up a Background is a simple process and is usually something that everybody will do. However many people simply find an image, apply it, and forget about it. Windows 7 has a great slide show feature that allows you to choose multiple images that can be displayed and swapped randomly, making your desktop feel more unique and alive.

If you have multiple screens, another simple trick is to have a different image on each screen. To do this, combine two images in an editing program (Paint will do fine) so that the images are side by side horizontally. Save it, and then set the new image as your background by right-clicking the Desktop and changing the wallpaper to the new image you saved (just make sure to set the image to “Tile”).


2 – Taskbar
The taskbar in Windows 7 is different from all the previous versions, and whilst it may feel alien at first, after a few days of use, it will become apparent how much it has improved. In Windows 7, by simply right-clicking the taskbar and clicking properties you can edit a range of features, such as changing icon sizes, taskbar location, and pinning and unpinning frequently used programs. You can also have it auto-hide so that when your mouse is not hovering over the taskbar it won’t appear, letting you use more screen space for other purposes.

3 – Gadgets

The desktop may now be sporting your favourite images, but it can also host some other more useful features such as gadgets. From things as simple as a clock or calendar, to more immediate news like weather and the latest news headlines. Turning on your computer in the morning can be just as useful as opening up a newspaper.

4 – Window Color

Whilst it is not a very noticeable difference, changing the window color of all the small windows that you open can make your PC feel like is has its own personality. A bright color such as red or yellow will make your PC feel like a fun and enjoyable experience. Whereas a darker color such as grey or brown can make your PC feel like it is more accustomed for a work environment. This can be changed in the “personalize” button when right clicking on the desktop.


5 – Customize Your Folders

The last customization feature on this list is how to make your folders more than just a yellow picture with writing on it. Folders now have the ability to show an image or file of what is inside of the folder. This has a lot of potential for people who might like to organize all music/video/image files in different folders. Having an icon for the different types can make finding them a lot easier, and it also makes the folders professional as well as functional. To do this simply right click on the folder you want to change, and go to Properties > Customize.


These 5 tips are great ways to make a PC truly feel like a personal computer. Remember that if Windows 7 is something that you will spend a lot of time using, you are going to want to feel comfortable using it.

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