10 Tips for Marketing Your Mobile App on a Budget

Marketing Your Mobile App
With the popularity of mobile app development, getting exposure for your product can be difficult. It is rare for an app to go viral without any kind of marketing push, but it is still possible to generate interest without spending a lot on advertising. This article looks at 10 marketing techniques that won’t cost much to implement but can be very effective.

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Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew When You’re Building an App

Developing an app is a tricky and time-consuming process, but trying to getting it noticed can sometimes prove to be even harder. It is estimated that over 20,000 new apps are added to the App Store each month, so a poorly marketed product stands little chance of flourishing. As with most products, simply creating an exceptional app is no longer enough, but with the right kind of marketing interest soon starts to snowball.

Build a Social Media Presence

Most mobile apps are quick and easy to use, which makes them closely aligned with social media. If your app generates just a small amount of social media interest with its target audience, people will be willing to try it. Think about the platforms that will most suit your particular app, whether it is with short videos on Vine, images on Tumblr, or with talking points on Twitter.

Submit to App Review Sites

A quick Google search will bring up long lists of app review websites. You won’t be able to get a review on all of these sites, but if you approach each site professionally you should get some results. While the average person won’t be searching through these sites, the aim is to reach the more discerning of app users in order to generate some initial buzz. This buzz can then filter down to the rest of the market.

Build a Website

Having a website adds more credibility to your app while letting people see the full details without needing to install it first. A good way to keep visitors returning is to write blog posts about the development process and your user responses. Also, ensure the site is optimized for mobile devices to build credibility in your design abilities.

Start Promoting Early

One of the keys to building momentum for you app is to have an effective pre-launch. Beginning the marketing push after the release date harms the chances of success as there will be only a slow drip-feed of users. When you create an early promotion, your app builds a buzz as a large number of people start to use it at the same time.

Network With Blog Owners

Quality blogs will have spent years building a relationship with their readers. If you can effectively network with the blog owners, reaching this audience will become far easier. Providing these blog owners appreciate your app, they will usually be willing to include you on the blog. Make sure to provide bloggers with full access to the app, including development updates and early access.

Sponsor a Podcast or Website

While you may not have a large budget for an advertising campaign, sponsoring a podcast or website can achieve results with little outlay. Carefully select niche podcasts or websites, ensuring they are highly targeted and have a good rapport with their audience. You may not reach a large group of people, but this audience could become the core of your user base.

Create a Video Demo or Walkthrough

A video demo or walkthrough is an effective way to reach people who would prefer not to read through a website or blog post. Simple and punchy videos can convey the best things about your app, while still leaving people curious about it. Videos sites, such as YouTube and Vine, also have a viral element to them, so your video could end up getting shared across many different platforms.

Contact Facebook Groups and Pages

There are Facebook groups and pages dedicated to almost every niche you can think of, so try to target the most popular of these to gain valuable promotion. People use Facebook in their spare time, so it is important to become part of the community before you start promoting anything. Asking for honest feedback can be a successful way of generating interest, particularly if you are promoting a paid app.

Get Press

Getting mainstream press can be difficult, but there are still other options for you to target. Firstly, create a press kit you can send out to all available contacts, including a well-written press release. Many online newspapers have technology sections and are in need of content, so reach out to them explaining the benefits of your app. Finally, don’t discount local or niche press, particularly if you have a story that would be of direct interest to them.
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Be Creative

Unfortunately, creating and promoting a quality app does not mean it will automatically gain traction with an audience. In these cases, you may need to get creative. Prizes or contests can build some interest, while helping to increase social network sharing. Marketing yourself as an entrepreneur can put a face to a product, allowing you to get interviews and public appearances.

Paying for advertising is extremely risky due to the low-cost, or even free, nature of most apps, but promoting on a budget can still get positive results. Create a promotional plan, find your targets, and start networking. You may not get a top ten spot in the App Store, but you can still develop a successful product that builds a loyal following.

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