On Camera Tips for Better Youtube Videos

Youtube is awash with video presentations. Some are educational, offering instruction in, for example, a craft or a language. Others offer information relating to a product or service. While some presenters are highly polished, there are others who could benefit from picking up a few on camera tips that would help them to engage more effectively with their viewers. How you look and dress will have an impact on how viewers respond to your video. If your outfit is too interesting or too revealing, the risk is that people may focus on your clothes rather than your words. Whatever you decide to wear, it will send out some kind of message to your viewers, so take control of that message by choosing an outfit that is appropriate for your presentation. Keep on camera tips in mind about the kinds of fabrics to avoid. Stripes, busy patterns and shiny fabrics can all look distracting on camera. If you wish to wear them, why not make a short test video of yourself in the outfit and setting you intend to use in your video presentation? This will help you to make sure that everything looks the way it should. If you feel nervous or in a bad mood on the day of recording your video, viewers may pick up on and focus on that rather than the message of your presentation. On camera tips which can help put presenters in the right frame of mind include breathing exercises, meditation or even a few star jumps. You can change your mood, even if it is just for the few minutes of your video presentation, so find out what method works best for you. The first few seconds of your Youtube video presentation are crucial. This is when viewers decide whether to stick with your video or move on to someone else’s channel. So it is essential to make a great first impression. One of the most effective on camera tips to help with this is to imagine you are speaking to a friend and look through the lens, rather than at it, as this appears warmer and more natural to your viewer. Perhaps the most important secret of making a better Youtube video presentation is to let your personality and your enthusiasm for your subject shine through. That way, even if you don’t follow any of the other on camera tips in this article, you’ll still make a warm and sincere connection with your viewers.

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