3 Free Bloatware-Removing Apps for Your Android Device

It is very likely that your brand new smartphone comes pre-packed with junk software. Your carrier-bought smartphone may have an instant messaging app, for example, that is stamped with your wireless carrier’s brand. Meanwhile, the phone manufacturer has already preloaded your handset with its instant messaging application. All these redundant and preloaded apps consume the meager system resources of your Android device, continuously bogging it down.


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You have the option to uninstall bloatware by clicking Settings, choosing Applications or Apps, and then disabling the mobile apps that you don’t need. This, however, does not prevent extraneous applications and files from gobbling precious space on your mobile device. Plus, disabling one app after another can be incredibly time consuming. What you can do is to run a reliable app that helps eliminate junk files and optimize your smartphone’s performance. Download any of these three free bloatware-removing apps from the Google Play store and keep your device working in tiptop shape.

Clean Master

Clean Master does not only find and remove whatever crapware you’ve been hosting in your Android device. This free app also comes with a good antivirus feature for securing your smartphone against malware. Clean Master improves your mobile device’s performance by clearing cache and residual files, as well as allowing you to selectively uninstall bloatware.

Manage Apps

With the free Manage Apps in your Android device, you can efficiently clear cache, disable pre-installed apps, as well as backup those you want to use later before uninstalling them. Manage Apps also enables you to move apps to your much roomier SD card.

App Master

App Master helps you to easily remove unneeded, pre-installed apps on your Android device. Scroll down on App Master’s user-friendly interface and review the detailed list of software in your device. You can also see how much space each app takes up. With a few taps, you can get rid of bloatware in batches.

By K. Ong

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