How to Create a Backup Copy of Your Files and Apps to SD Card

One of the main reasons why you should consider creating a backup copy of your Android apps and files is that you’ll never know what will happen if your device suddenly stops working. If worst comes to worst, you could lose all of your precious data. Before this happens, it’s better to take precautionary measures such as a keeping a backup copy of your installed apps and files.

In Android, there are many ways to do this but the quickest and easiest method is by keeping a backup copy of your apps and files to your SD card. However, keep in mind that the following methods can only be used to backup your apps and files. You cannot use this method to backup your SMS messages, chats, call logs, contacts, etc.


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Method One – Use a backup and restore app

In this method, you’re going to use a backup and restore app to create a backup copy of your installed apps to your SD card. To do so, simply download and install the app called “App Backup & Restore” to your Android device.

Once installed, launch the app then make sure to indicate your desired backup path in its main settings. Your backup path should be directed to your external storage (/sdcard).

After which, browse your list of installed apps and check the apps that you want to back up. Review and confirm your selection by pressing the “Backup” button. This will prompt the app to keep a backup copy of your installed applications in APK format. You can use this backup copy to restore the apps that you have previously installed.

Method Two – Back up your documents, photos, music, ringtones and videos

There are instances wherein your device is set to store all of your files to your internal storage by default. This, however, can pose a problem since there is a possibility for your files to be completely wiped out just in case your device fails to boot or load. To prevent unwanted data loss, it’s better to move all of your important documents and media files to your SD card. You can do this by simply downloading a reliable file management app such as AntTek Explorer Ex.

If your device doesn’t support external storage, you can always opt to sync and backup your files thru your cloud storage account.

Now, if you want a more rigorous way of creating a backup copy of your app and device data, you can use a premium app like Helium. You can purchase it for less than five bucks at the Google Play Store.

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