4 Free Android Apps for Taking HDR Images

If your Android phone or tablet has an app that gives it High Dynamic Range (HDR) shooting functionality, you can perform a sophisticated photographic technique like HDR imaging using the camera of your mobile device. With HDR photography, details that are present in well-lit and shadowy areas are all merged into a single stunning photo. So, install a good HDR camera app, and then start taking breathtaking and detailed landscape photos, as well as beautifully rendered images even under glaring sunlight, low lighting, and harshly backlit conditions. Here are four HDR camera apps that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.

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HDR Camera (Almalence)

You may not be a professional photographer, but you can certainly improve your mobile photography if you use the right software for your Android camera. Launch the free HDR camera app from Almalence, take a picture, and then watch how tone mapping and HDR image fusion are done by the app within seconds. The app also affords you with control over the different parameters for tone mapping. You can adjust contrast, exposure, micro-contrast, and vividness.

Best HDR Camera

Touting a shorter image-processing time, the Best HDR Camera app prevents unsightly ghosting, which happens when light gets reflected off the surface of the camera lens. It also allows you to recover and fix the overexposed aspects of your snapshots. Aside from producing vivid HDR photos, the app offers many other useful features, which include smile detection, self-timer, digital effects, white balance, anti-shake, and flash control.


Simple and easy to use, the HDR app from software developer Stereo7 Photos is a perfect choice if you love sharing the photos you’ve taken on your Instagram account. The app renders HDR images into squares that can be readily shared on your Instagram account. Using this free HDR app, you don’t have to take multiple shots like you would if you were doing conventional HDR photography. Your photos can be processed into HDR–complete with tone mapping, contrast and brightness balance, as well as digital effects–in a single click.

HDR FX Photo Editor

HDR FX Photo Editor is unlike the previous three camera apps. What this free app does is to apply HDR-like effects to the snapshots you have taken using the camera of your Android phone or tablet. It is a powerful photo-editing app that allows you to perform gamma, tone, and curve adjustments on blue, green, and red channels. On top of applying HDR effects, you can also personalize snapshots by selecting frames and filters like sepia or black and white.

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