6 Free Awesome Photography Apps for Your Android Device

Photography AppsEquip your Android smartphone or tablet with richly featured apps to improve your everyday snapshots. This article talks about six free photography apps that can help enhance the look and add digital effects to your pictures. The Android apps discussed in this article include Color Touch Effects, Pixlr Express, Photo Editor Pro, PhotoMirror, Retro Camera, and Wondershare Panorama.

With the right mobile app, you can enhance the snapshots you’ve taken using the camera of your Android smartphone or tablet. Here are six free richly featured apps to consider downloading from the Google Play store.


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Color Touch Effects

This Android mobile app enables you to easily apply various digital effects to your pictures. With Color Touch Effects, you can color photos in sepia tones or black and white, as well as change their opacity and render them in different colors. You can also quickly import your Facebook photos for post-processing using this app.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express makes it easy to retouch photos on your Android device. You can eliminate glaring red eye, whiten teeth, correct poor lighting and color balance, as well as stylize pictures into watercolor, pencil, or half-tone rendering. Pixlr Express also offers many overlays and effects to further personalize and improve the look of your photos.

Photo Editor Pro

Another free and powerful alternative to Pixlr Express is Photo Editor Pro. This Android app enables you to adjust your photos’ color balance, brightness, and contrast. You can easily sharpen and blur for effect, as well as enhance the overall look of your pictures. Like Pixlr Express, Photo Editor Pro allows you to readily share your photos to social networking sites.


This lightweight Android app gives you the ability to channel mirror effects. Through the app, you can manipulate photographs and create gorgeous mirror reflections. Choose from among the 13 built-in scales and six mirror-effect variations.

Retro Camera

Conjure the magic of old-school photography with your handy smartphone using Retro Camera, a free Android app equipped with 50 dazzling filters, effects, and overlays. These include vintage, grunge, noir-themed, sepia-toned, Bokeh, and good old black and white. Analog photography has its unique charm, thus the popularity of Instagram filters. Having Retro Camera or an alternative app with similar features can help you lend a nostalgic vibe to your day to day photos.

Wondershare Panorama

Create breathtaking panoramic images and bring in an element of drama to your mobile photographic adventures. The Wondershare Panorama app helps you achieve through your smartphone camera what’s normally made by professionals with pricey wide-angle lenses. Make stunning panoramic images by letting the app help you flawlessly stitch together the various frames captured by your smartphone camera. There are also built-in digital effects you can apply to your panoramas to further stylize them.

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