5 Free Android Apps for Capturing High-Speed Images

Capturing High-Speed Images
Unless you use a high-speed camera, recording or taking a picture of a fast-moving object will result in a motion blur. However, you can do what amounts to high-speed photography anytime with the camera of your Android smartphone or tablet. Just install an app that lends high-speed imaging functionality to your mobile device and remember to shoot in well-lit conditions. Here are five such apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.

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High-Speed Camera (Lodecode)

From software developer Lodecode comes the free High-Speed Camera app that lets you take up to 30 snapshots per second depending on the hardware capabilities of your mobile device. For low-end Android models, expect around 10 to 15 images per second, which isn’t too bad considering you are using a mobile device and not a pricey camera designed for high-speed shooting.

To use, open the app, keep the camera steady, hold down the camera’s shutter button to shoot pictures continuously, and then review the image sequence in your device’s multimedia gallery. You can also customize the image resolution. With the app’s GIF creator, you can create a GIF from the high-speed imaging sequences you’ve taken and then share the resulting images to social networking sites.

High-Speed Camera (HANTOR)

HANTOR’s free high-speed imaging app is another excellent option for Android users who want to capture photos of events that unfold too fast for ordinary camera apps. The High-Speed Camera app allows you to capture up to 40 images per second on your Android smartphone or tablet. Its burst-shooting mode yields good-quality photos, which can be personalized using the app’s filters or turned into GIFs. Pressing the volume buttons, you can also take high-definition photographs through the app.

Fast Burst Camera Lite

Depending on the Android handset, you can take up to 30 photographs per second with the free Fast Burst Camera Lite app. Take advantage of the four shooting modes (single shot, full burst, pre-shot, and motion trigger) and image-editing features. Fast Burst Camera Lite touts a “zero shutter lag.” As soon as you press the shutter button, pictures are taken instantly and continuously.

Turbo Camera

The Turbo Camera app is very much capable of delivering high-resolution photos taken in burst shooting mode. This free Android app with rapid shooting functionality enables you to take up to 40 snapshots per second, which is dependent, of course, on your device’s hardware capabilities and desired resolution.

Burst Mode Camera

This ad-supported and high-performing camera app for producing a continuous stream of photos offers a shooting speed of up to 30 images per second. Use the Burst Mode Camera app on your Android smartphone or tablet for taking pictures of rapidly unfolding events and moving objects. If your device’s camera is not equipped with continuous auto-focus functionality, switch to manual wherein you tap to get the desired focus. You can either press the shutter button for high-speed shooting or tap the app button if you only need to take a few pictures.

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