5 Free and Awesome Call Recorder Apps for Your Android Device

Record your incoming and outgoing phone calls. This article explores five free Android apps that can help you automatically or selectively record calls on your smartphone. The apps that were discussed include Automatic Call Recorder, Another Call Recorder (ACR), Total Call Recorder (TCR), Best Call Recorder, and Galaxy Call Recorder.

Equip your Android smartphone with a reliable call recorder app for selectively or automatically recording phone calls. However, you should know that in some countries, the recording of phone calls is deemed illegal. Consider downloading the following five call recorder apps free from the Google Play store to see which one works best for your phone, because your handset type dictates the quality of the recording you get out of an app.


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Automatic Call Recorder

This free Android app allows you to record phone calls, select the ones you want to save, add notes to the recording, and then share and synchronize the audio files to the cloud. Automatic Call Recorder has tight integration with Dropbox and Google Drive, making it easy for you to save and backup your recorded phone calls. Since the quality of the audio will depend on your handset, do a dry run to test whether or not the voice quality is better when you are recording a call from speaker mode.

Another Call Recorder (ACR)

Another Call Recorder or ACR sports a clean, intuitive interface design and enables you to either automatically or manually record phone calls in multiple formats such as ogg, 3gp, mp4, and wav. ACR also allows you to password-protect your call recordings and to start off with a delayed recording.

Total Call Recorder (TCR)

The free Total Call Recorder mobile app for Android uses your smartphone’s external SD card as default storage for your recorded calls. TCR allows you to easily enable or disable a call recording, manage and organize your recordings, and upload your recorded calls to either Dropbox or Google Drive. It also comes with a built-in audio player, so you can quickly listen to your recorded calls within the app.

Best Call Recorder

Best Call Recorder is a free Android app for recording both your incoming and outgoing calls. For compatible mobile devices, this app allows you to either record phone calls manually or automatically and to produce good-quality audio. Best Call Recorder has a handy share-via-email feature and a built-in player that enables you to playback the calls you’ve recorded and stored in its Saved Records List.

Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy Call Recorder gives you the ability to record incoming and outgoing phone calls, as well as stopping the app from recording when a Bluetooth-enabled device or headphones are used and to disable recording for certain contacts. Although Galaxy Call Recorder does not yet support KitKat 4.4.2, it has good integration with Google+, Dropbox, and SkyDrive, which is useful when sharing and storing your recorded phone calls.

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