Packing Your Backpack: 5 Essential Tips for Success When Taking Online Classes

Taking an online class is not as simple as wearing your pajamas and logging in once a week. Because you’re not in a classroom environment, professors need to know that you are attending class thoughtfully and consistently. Assignments and log-in periods are often longer and more difficult than a normal class. Success with online classes depends on several essential elements.

Communicate Constantly

Before your class even starts, email the professor to introduce yourself and inquire about the syllabus. Along with visibility, you show the professor that you are ready to work with your interest in the class schedule. With a downloaded syllabus, you can start the required reading before it’s assigned. During the semester, communicate any class-related questions through forums rather than private email. Other students may have the same question, saving the professor from writing 200 separate emails.

Be Clear And Concise

Your online classmates and professor don’t want to read a 500-word soliloquy for the next discussion topic. Online classes allow you to compose a discussion point and post it. Write the post and reread it several times. Keep your discussion short, much like a normal, spoken conversation. Avoid any offensive remarks that could be taken out of context. The written word is powerful in an online class.

Be Part Of The Conversation

If you are pursuing an online degree, for example, you want to get as much out of your education as possible. Participate in class discussions, similar to raising your hand in a normal classroom. Keep the conversation going and ask questions of others. Professors want students to be engaged in the learning process to grow and evolve the mind. They often base some of your grade off basic participation as well.

Time It

Organize your time and complete all the reading assignments. Timed tests are calculated for students that are prepared. There’s not enough time to flip through a chapter to find a correct answer.

Have Reliable Hardware And Software

Don’t rely on borrowed laptops and local WiFi in cafes or restaurants. Use your own computer and Internet connection to avoid missing assignments. Download or purchase the correct software for the class. It’s equivalent to a required textbook.

Your online class can be a rewarding time full of intellectual conversations and learning new information. Stay aware of assignments and upload them correctly to the professor for full credit. The online classroom gives you freedom to grow, if you use it correctly.


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