5 Great Smartphone Apps for the Fitness Fanatic in Your Life

Fitness Fanatic in Your Life
Working out is tough, and staying motivated can be even harder. If you find yourself dreading the morning drive to the gym, the right fitness coach may be all you need to stick with your workout plan.

These days your fitness coach could be as close as your smartphone. There are a number of excellent fitness apps on the market today, designed to help you get in shape, keep you motivated and even train you for the big race. No matter what your fitness goals, these five great apps can help you reach them.


5K Runner
If you know a serious runner, you must tell them about this great app. The 5K Runner app is more than just a smartphone toy; it is a fully-featured training program that lets fitness fanatics and experienced runners train for their first 5K race.

The great thing about the 5K Runner app is that it is designed with the beginning runner in mind. The program makes it easy for runner to track their progress as they train. Runners can listen to their favorite tunes and get personalized coaching based on their specific needs.


If you have a football fanatic in your life, you simply must share the FitStar app. This personal training app features retired NFL player Tony Gonzalez, making it a must for football fans and fitness fanatics everywhere.

The app includes personalized training and instruction from Mr. Gonzalez, along with personalized workout videos for the iPhone and iPad. Owners of Apple TVs can even stream their favorite workouts on the big screen.


Fitness Buddy
If you are looking for variety in your workout, the Fitness Buddy app is for you. This app comes loaded with hundreds of workouts and individual exercises, so you need never be bored with the same old routine again.

The app allows you to target specific muscle groups and body parts, making spot reducing and strength training a breeze. Each exercise comes with a full set of instructions, so you can do it right the first time. Think of Fitness Buddy as a personal trainer that fits in the palm of your hand.


No matter what your sport, keeping track of your progress is essential, and that is where Cyclemeter comes in. As the name implies, Cyclemeter can keep track of how many miles you ride each day, but it can do much more than that.

Cyclemeter can also keep track of the distance you walk, from a quick stroll around the neighborhood to a strenuous hike in the mountains. You can also use Cyclemeter to track your running and keep tabs on your progress.


Argus uses your iPhone to track your fitness activities, from how much water you drink and what you eat to how much time you spend walking and moving around. Unlike other, more expensive options, Argus does not require you to purchase a separate device. As long as you carry your iPhone with you all day, Argus can keep watch over your movements.

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