Keep Those Germs at Bay – How to Clean Your Smartphone, Tablet and Other Devices

How to Clean Your Smartphone, Tablet and Other DevicesYou may have heard some of the recent stories: scientific studies have revealed that the average smartphone contains more than twice as many germs as a public toilet seat. Think about that the next time you hold that device up to your face. If the thought grosses you out, it is time to take cleaning your electronic devices a bit more seriously.

It is easy to see how smartphones, tables and other electronic devices collect all those germs. We routinely set these devices down in all kinds of places, from the counter at the local fast food joint to the empty seat on the train. No matter what type of smartphone or tablet you use, it is important to clean it thoroughly at least once or twice a day.

Cleaning the Right Way

Keeping your smartphone, tablet, computer and other electronic devices clean is not difficult, but it is important to use the right cleaning products. Some household cleansers, like tile cleaners and even some glass cleaners, can scratch the delicate surface of these devices. Those tiny scratches can make the screen hard to see and make the device less useful.

The best way to clean the screen on your tablet or smartphone is with a clean microfiber cloth. These microfiber cloths are available in many different places, from electronics retailers to discount stores. Simply shut the device down, then wipe it thoroughly with the microfiber cloth. If you notice any particularly stubborn stains, you can dampen the microfiber cloth a little bit – just make sure the cloth is not wet when it touches the smartphone or tablet screen. Avoid spraying the screen with glass cleaner or other cleansers. Those particles could get into the device and cause damage to the electronics.

Clean the Cleaner

It is just as important to keep your cleaning cloth germ-free. If you do not care for your microfiber cleaning cloth, you could just be spreading germs from one place to another. You can use a dab of hand sanitizer or an antimicrobial solution to keep the microfiber cloth clean and germ-free. Just make sure you allow the cloth to dry thoroughly before using it on your smartphone or tablet screen.

Caring for Your Computer

The process for cleaning your laptop or desktop screen is much the same. You can use that same microfiber cloth to keep the screen clean and remove any accumulated dust and dirt. Do not spray anything on the screen, since an abrasive cleanser could cause damage. You can use special screen cleaning wipes to keep the surface clean and repel dirt, but an inexpensive microfiber cloth can work just as well.

You can use canned air to dislodge dirt and debris from the keyboard of your laptop or laptop. Holding the keyboard upside down and giving it a good shake can also knock stubborn dirt loose and keep the keyboard working properly. Avoid spraying any cleaning solutions on the keyboard, since the particles from the cleanser could harm the electronics inside. This is particularly important for laptop keyboards, which are more difficult and costly to replace.

While the average smartphone and tablet may harbor more germs than the toilet seat at your office, you do not have to be average. Taking a few minutes to clean your devices now can keep those germs at bay and even help you avoid serious illness.

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