5 Social Media Apps That Allow You to Chat Anonymously

Anonymously app
There’s a class of not-so-popular social media apps that encourage anonymity instead of fostering open communication among users. Whether you want to confess a secret to one of your contacts or to daringly hook up with a stranger, these five social media apps allow you to conceal your identity and experience a more spontaneous virtual encounter among other adult users.


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Download Blendr’s mobile app versions for Android and iOS, and take advantage of its GPS location sensing feature that helps connect people in nearby areas. Blendr does not require you to provide your name or personal information. Simply enter your basic interests, upload a photograph, and customize your criteria for initial contact with other Blendr users. You can then browse and message people who have logged in to Blendr within your area.


With Rumr, you can chat anonymously and in private with your contacts on both Android and iOS devices. Rumr is not designed for hooking up with strangers. What this mobile app does is to enable you to have fun with your friends as you try to figure out who among your contacts is saying what. Chat bubbles indicate active users. Each time a new user joins a chat session, the color of your chat bubble changes, thus preserving your anonymity.

Social Radar

Culling information from other social networking sites and reading your smartphone’s location, Social Radar provides you with the real-time whereabouts of your friends and colleagues in nearby areas and gives you an opportunity to connect with them. It also offers options to change your status to invisible, anonymous, or public. The Social Radar app can be downloaded free from iTunes and the Google Play store.


Truth is a free texting app that enables you to message your contacts while remaining anonymous. If you are too shy to talk to your crush or afraid to criticize a colleague about his work performance, for example, then the Truth app’s mantle of anonymity can help you muster the courage to speak your mind. The app also allows you to send the same “truth” to several contacts at a time and to reply privately to each of them.


The free Android and iOS social app Whisper enables you to anonymously share your personal stories, post candid quips, and express spur-of-the-moment emotions, as well as send and receive messages. Image uploads are also possible with Whisper. Your post in Whisper appears as an “image macro,” wherein the text is overlaid on an image.

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