5 Steps to Recover Deleted Photos (Files) On SD Card

SD, also known as Secure Digital-Cards are used to store and transfer files between digital devices like cameras, small computers, tablets, smart phones and personal-digital assistants. The SD or memory card is directly inserted into the slot given for memory card in digital devices and stores ringtones, pictures, contacts, documents and any other files that you want. SD cards are available in a number sizes and formats including miniSD, microSD and SDHC.

Even though SD cards are a seen as a blessing in the field of information and technology, there can be instances when they can crash or users delete data mistakenly. If you need to recover the deleted files from your SD, follow the below steps. This article will show you how to recover deleted photos ( files) on SD card.


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Check Your SD Card’s Recycle Bin – The first step is to check the recycle-bin on your SD card. If you were using your computer while using the card, then you can directly go to the recycle bin and restore the file that got deleted by mistake. But if you were working on small handheld devices like tablets, then you will need to go to the final manager and find its recycle bin. This can be a tedious task, so it is better to connect your device with your computer and find the bin where all the deleted files of your phone or tablet are stored. If you find the deleted files, restore them on your SD.


Stop Using SD Card Immediately – Once you’ve realize that some files from your SD were deleted mistakenly, you need to immediately stop using your card. This is to prevent any new file from taking the space created by the deleted file. Remove the card from the slot as soon as something like this happen so your card do not overwrite with new information and make the deleted files or files unrecoverable.


Download Data Recovery Manager – Downloading data-recovery software is a good way to restore the deleted files from the SD card, especially when you were not able to locate them on your device’s recycle bin. Make sure you only download the software from reputed software company. Once you have bought the software, install it on your computer. This will help you restore the deleted file or files.


Run Data-Recovery-Software On Your Computer – Connect the device to your computer or simply insert the SD card in your computer. Run the software on your computer and select your SD card as the final location where your files will be restored.Once done, the software will start scanning the card to find and recover deleted files.

Good data-recovery-software from reputed company will let you to search the content by name, date created and date modified.


Select The File You Want To Restore – Go through the list of recovered files and select the ones you have to restore. Perhaps, you can also select multiple files as well. Click “Next” to recover files.

Lastly, view the list of recovered files to make sure you have restored the right ones. Save the files on the device required for easy access and make sure you copy and store them in multiple devices so you don’t have to face such situation in the future again.

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  1. Contrary to what was written in this article, when you delete files from your SD drive via your computer, the deleted files DO NOT go to the recycle bin. SD cards apparently do not utilize the recycle bin option like when you delete files from a drive directly on your computer.

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