5 Things You Can Do With Your Old Computer

5 Things You Can Do With Your Old Computer
Computer technology is well known for constantly moving forward at an alarming rate. The brand new, cutting edge computer you brought a few years ago has already been rendered obsolete and you’re already looking again for a more current solution. If you are in the habit of regularly replacing your PC, it’s a good idea to do something useful with your old computer rather than leave it collecting dust in the loft.

Upgrade It

The most obvious thing to do with an old PC is simply to upgrade it, particularly if you do not want to spend the money on an entirely new machine. Most desktop computers can easily be upgraded. Laptops are much more limited and you’ll likely only be able to upgrade the memory and hard disk. Upgrading a computer can be a great way to give it a new lease of life without it having to cost a fortune. With desktop computers, you will usually be able to upgrade the processor, graphics card and any other component.

Use It as a Backup Machine

Computers have a habit of going wrong no matter how up to date you keep your operating system and how well you take care of your hardware. If you rely on your computer, then it is always a good idea to have a backup machine. You can use an old computer entirely for keeping backups of your files, even if you use it for no other purposes. Another possibility is to use it as a network-attached storage device, particularly if it has a large hard disk.

Use It as a Gaming Machine

If you are into video games and your old computer still performs adequately with your favourite titles, then why not have it as a second gaming machine? If you enjoy multiplayer games, you can connect your old computer to your home network and enjoy networked multiplayer games with your friends. If your computer simply does not provide adequate enough performance, then perhaps you could use it as a retro gaming machine.

Use It as a Computer for Testing

When installing new hardware, drivers and software on your primary computer, you will often end up taking a risk which, in the worst case scenarios, can leave you with an unworkable machine. Keeping your old computer for testing purposes provides you with a platform which you can use for trying out new software and hardware without taking any risks with your primary machine.

Use It to Try Out a Different Operating System

There are many other operating systems out there besides Windows. While the vast majority of desktop and laptop users stick to Microsoft’s ubiquitous line of operating systems, many enthusiasts like to try out a new operating system. Many alternative operating systems are also free, such as the open-source Linux and its many variations. Your old computer makes a perfect test bed for experimenting with a new operating system. It can also be great for testing out public beta versions of upcoming releases of Windows.

2 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Do With Your Old Computer

  1. You mentioned that computers have a habit of going wrong no matter how up to date you keep your operating system. I agree with this! I think that I have gone through four different computers in the last ten years. I just found them while I was tidying up my house, so I just need to find out what to do with them! You gave some great options, but I think that I am going to look for an e-waste recycling place to bring them to.

    1. There are a number of places that take old machines and upgrade them for non-profit organizations and services. You might want to consider checking your local area. Even if you find somewhere that doesn’t take them, they may know where you might go.

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