7 Features of IOS we want to have on your Mac

Since its appearance, iOS has surprised all, which is why we have several features that might be a hit in the Mac as well.
With the passage of time the summer is approaching and that means that Mountain Lion is getting closer. Although, as Lion has seen, Apple is trying to integrate elements of IOS to your desktop operation, Mountain Lion should include other novelties, that is why we are here to present a compendium with 7 IOS features that should be on the Mac.

Siri and dictation

Although it has long been talk that Siri could be on the Mac, it is not yet clear whether it will be included (or not) really in Mountain Lion, which is why to this day, there remain characteristics that most long for in our computer from the apple. Likewise, the dictation is not bad on your desktop.
Now the question here is how these features could be implemented, well, an idea that would go tell us how we present the notification center, and a sidebar appear that even could be called the same way, i.e. with gestures on the trackpad. Meanwhile, the dictation function may appear directly on the keyboard.

iBooks, voice notes, maps

Mountain Lion will have the system notes and reminders offered in IOS, it will be quite useful and somehow makes sense to carry this type of applications to the desktop but in turn there are still options like iBooks and voice memos.
Another aspect that could change is undoubtedly the use of Google Maps as we know it in recent months, the relationship of these two companies was not the most optimal. On the other hand, Apple purchased several companies offering similar services and even makes use of OpenStreetMap in iPhoto. That’s why it would not be unusual to see a map service from the company.

Invisible file system

In the last two years Apple has been working to make the Finder – the file manager easier to use, in Lion user folder is hidden by default to not confuse the user, because their logic tells us that no one opens the folder music to play music or anyone opens the folder of photos to see the photos, instead just walked into iTunes or iPhoto respectively.
Moreover, as we know we cannot interact with Finder the best way with any file no matter what the case, since all are in the same way, but on the iPhone this is different because there the screen is transformed and adapted in different ways depending on which file or task is being done. In other words take the Mac file system invisible and smart as the iPhone is something that only Apple could do.

Decentralized iTunes

On a Mac, iTunes is everything because with this application we can manage our music, videos, movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, applications and more. On the other hand, iTunes can also synchronize our devices to keep our favourite content on the way, this has meant that iTunes is heavy and would not be a bad idea to separate the program into different applications such as in IOS.
In this way users are accustomed to the interface provided by IOS can enjoy your music and movies in separate applications in Mac OS X and in turn will get better system performance.

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