Things to do to improve mobile devices battery life

There are many ways to increase the battery life of your mobile phone. The best and the most commonly know method is to keep your cell phone switched off. This is the easiest method to save your phone’s battery’s life. You should keep your cell phone switched off, whenever you have limited battery life. This method assists you in storing your cell phone battery’s power. This method is also helpful when you have limited battery life and you have no resources to charge your cell phone. Then in this situation you should keep your cell switched off. Additionally, you can also keep you cell phone off when you don’t plan to use it. You can also keep your cell phone off when you are in zero network zones. The cell phone uses the larger part of the battery life when you search the network in the absence of cell phone network.

In case you land up in an area with faint network signs or a place which requires network signs. Then your cell phone will automatically search for strong network signs. This process will use up the large part of your cell phone’s power back up. The most reliable way to assure enough battery power is to be in a strong network sign zone. Also, invest in a cell phone repeater which will strengthen the network sign.

Also, keep your cell phone vibrator in off mode. Use the ring tone feature most of the time. As the phone vibrator utilizes the large part of the battery life. Set your ring tone volume to the minimum.

Also, put off the phone’s back light the most of the time. The back light assists you in using your cell phone even when you are in a bright light area. But the fact is that the back light uses the large part of your battery life. If you put off the back light most of the time. Then your battery life will automatically last for long time. Set the time on your cell phone to keep the back light on. Minimize this amount of time. Also, invest in cell phone which has a high quality light sensor. You can switch off the back light in the bright area. Keep it switched on in the darker areas.

Keep away from utilizing needless functions. Keep calls duration little. This is understandable to limit your talk time when your battery indicates limited life.

Also for most of your time set the Bluetooth off. Bluetooth kept on will use the large part of the battery life. Then keep them switched off. Keep them on only except when you require them. This will assist you to preserve power.

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