Apple planning a backup system for IOS devices replacements in their Apple Store

Apple could start using in their stores, a backup wireless content IOS device for customers who upgrade or get replacement on a Genius Bar. The system could be start to be used in 2013.
Apple may be tested and a new system that would automatically create a backup of the contents of the iPhone or iPad any user that requested a change or a replacement at the Genius Bar of an Apple Store.
Apparently, this system would be based on a wireless server that would keep the data safely and temporarily turning the content into the new device, once you have made the switch.
The contents of that backup could be the data itself stored in the device or also what would be stored in icloud and a much more effective and, above all, faster to restore a copy from icloud, as they usually do.
This new procedure would still be at a very pre-development and testing and start to be implemented in some Apple Store next year, gradually increasing its presence worldwide throughout 2013.

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