Where to sell old gadgets

When you have a lot of used gadgets and gizmos lying around your house collecting dust they can become an eyesore, or just take up too much room. So what do you do with it all these wonderful technological advances that have become of no use to you? Well, I sell all of mine. Some ways are more profitable, but some ways are a lot easier. I recommend trying out all the different ways I mention yourself and finding out which is the best of both worlds to you.
Ebay is one of the top markets for everything new, used, old, or even broken. I have used eBay to sell a lot of my books, magazines, and gadgets. The key to selling your items for the best price is how you list them. Make sure you include all the correct information, perfect descriptions of the exact condition of your items, and pictures. Pictures are probably the most important aspect of your listing. Make sure they are sharp, multiple angles, and well lit. That way the potential buyer knows how to evaluate the value of your item properly. This is not the easiest option for selling your items. You have to factor in the time it will take you to pack the item, the time and cost of shipping, and paying eBay and Paypal fees. The fees may also cut into your profit margin.
Craigslist is also a great option. Its like the web 2.0 version of classified ads and a garage sale. You can sell anything and everything on the site. Potential buyers can browse, or search through the listings so it is essential that you name your listing correctly and put in enough important information that the potential buyer has a reason to click on your listing and read it all the way through. It is also essential that you have good photos for Craigslist listings.
And finally my last suggestion is to sell your device or gadget to Gazelle. Gazelle is by far the easiest route to go out of all these options. You just go to their website, enter in your device, explain to them the condition of your device, and then they will give you an estimated sale price for your item. You can ship out your product that day using your own box or envelope or they will even mail you a prepaid envelope. The only downside of this option is that they do not always offer the best prices. But it is simple.
Do you have any other ways that you sell your used tech equipment? Leave a comment below telling us how!

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