Awesome Features of Spartan, the Web Browser for Windows 10

After the Windows 8 debacle, Microsoft has taken user feedback seriously, as evidenced by the attention to details in the interface design and features of Windows 10. For instance, there’s Spartan, the codename for a rigorously overhauled Web browser that will be rolled out with the scheduled Windows 10 release in 2015. The browser has been touted to contain some unique and advanced features that are not available in other browsers. And no, Spartan is not a new version of Internet Explorer. Here’s a quick round up of what you can do with it.

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Through a functionality called inking that is based on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service, you can use your stylus to write on Web pages loaded via Spartan. Aside from giving you the ability to scribble notes directly on a Web page, Spartan’s powerful inking functionality also allows you to share your “annotated” Web pages across multiple platforms and browsers.


Allowing for maximum convenience by supporting hands-free control of your laptop or hybrid computing machine, the highly functional voice-command-directed virtual assistant Cortana is very much integrated with Spartan. Activate by speaking “Hey, Cortana” and then instruct your trusty virtual assistant to call up your hotel bookings data, track your packages, search for information on the internet, and do other Web-browsing-related tasks.

Organized Multiple Tabs

If you are a heavy multitasker who tends to end up with many open Web browser tabs, Spartan has the answer to that. To enhance Web browsing efficiency, group your open tabs accordingly. You can indicate them as personal and work-related tabs, for example.

Seamless Transition across Multiple Devices

Designed to work as a browser app across all types of computing machines, Spartan is said to possess a similar look and feel even when launched on a variety of Web-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Spartan’s desktop version is styled as a minimalist adaptation of Google Chrome. To quickly and more easily update the browser, Microsoft is reported to have made Spartan available as an app in the Windows Store.

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