5 Free Must-Have Call/SMS Filtering Apps for Your Android Device

Free Must-Have Call/SMS Filtering Apps for Your Android Device Block spam text messages, annoying marketing calls, and other unwanted SMS and phone calls. You can do so by installing the right call-filtering app on your Android device. This article discusses five free and richly featured call-blocking apps.

Safeguard your privacy and minimize the distraction brought about by annoying phone calls and spam text messages. Block all those unwelcome phone calls and SMS text messages. These free and awesome Android apps do the job of keeping unwanted callers and SMS senders at bay.


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Calls Blacklist

With a file size of 190k, this super-lightweight and reliable app effectively blocks phone calls and screens your text messages. To block a number, you can either enter it manually or choose the number from your contact list and call/message logs. The Calls Blacklist mobile app also allows you to block private or anonymous numbers.
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Call Control

The richly featured Call Control app can automatically block spam callers, perform a reverse number lookup on those spam callers, and report them automatically to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Call Control also enables you to create a personal blacklist based on phone numbers and area codes, filter out text and graphic messages, and block unknown or private numbers.
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Ultimate Blacklist

Ultimate Blacklist does the usual blocking of unwanted calls and SMS text messages from the numbers you have flagged for blacklisting. The free Android app also offers features allowing you to password-protect your history, backup your user settings for quick restoration, and forward your history to your email.
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Like Calls Blacklist, the free Blocker app from embware is relatively lightweight with its file size of 589k. It has a password-protection capability and allows you to block unwanted calls and SMS text messages. When you block a phone number through the Blocker app, you can choose whether to transfer the call to voicemail or to drop the call. This free Android app also enables you to backup your contacts and profiles, so you can easily restore them.
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Call Filter Alarm

Call Filter Alarm is quite useful if you get a lot of calls, say, during ungodly hours and switching your phone off or putting it in silent mode are not viable options for you. If you only want to wake up and answer the phone only for certain callers, you will definitely find the free Call Filter Alarm app for Android handy. You will be allowed to customize your “sleep mode,” after which your phone will only ring for specific phone numbers. Other nifty features of Call Filter Alarm include Wi-Fi activation management, one-touch silent mode, and data usage management.
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