Create BackUps For Your Scratched DVDs With DVD Cloner

Advantages Of DVD Cloner 9  

One of the biggest advantages that you get out of DVD Cloner 9 is the high quality of the DVD copy that you have made. Despite it working at great speed than any other application in its category, the DVD Cloner 9 will not compromise on the quality of the DVDs that it churns out. All the menus and the chapters in the original DVD will be copied exactly on to the backup file. It is designed with added stability feature so that you will not encounter a crash while copying your favorite DVDs. The other advantages that you get from DVD Cloner 9 are: ease of use, wide variety of features and the ease at which this software can be installed.


DVD Cloner 9 is the best in its class that will help you to copy DVDs within 30 minutes and this software application has DVD restoration, compression and decryption codes features.


You will be required to download an add-on from the DVD Cloner website if you like to copy your Blu-ray or HD DVDs. This will be available at the software website for free.
The best choice for a DVD creator as it is available with decryption application that will help in copying your favorite DVDs in less than half an hour and is one of the easiest software to use that even a novice user can easily understand.

Why DVD Cloner 9?

If you are looking for the best DVD copy software then you will not be required to look beyond DVD Cloner 9 as it has all the necessary applications in built in the software that will help you to make restored copies all your favorite scratched or damaged DVDs very easily and in the least possible time when compared with other similar application software. This software will allow you to legally copy your favorite movies or any other older and damaged DVDs that you have in your possession on to your hard disk as well as will provide you with the feature of creating back up disc so that you can watch them at your own leisure time.
Features To Die For
The DVD cloner 9 is power packed with a load of excellent features that makes it the best buy among DVD copying application software. Some of the best useful applications of the DVD Cloner 9 software are: compression, high speed conversion and the codecs availability. The best part is with all these added features you will be making true and good DVD copies of your favorite movies very easily and in quick time as well. The compression facility is so powerful that it will provide you with the option of compressing two movies into one DVD as well as will provide you the option of removing certain scenes from the movie which you do not like to watch. The DVD cloner 9 software is well equipped to recognize the type of disc that you are using and will keep the original structure of the movie in tact even while copying.

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