Get The Best Staff Monitoring Solutions Through InterGuard

What Is InterGuard?

If you are looking for a good internet security software that will effectively monitor your employees usage of the internet during office hours as well as safeguard all your company’s important details and data, then you need not look beyond InterGuard, the best one that is available in the market these days.  If you are interested in restricting your employees from using social networking websites while in office or are interested in locking down personal web browsing, then InterGuard will be the ideal software that will help in preventing the misuse of internet during office hours. It is very easy to use and has loads of features that will help in preventing your employees from exploring the internet for personal reasons and will help in protecting all your company’s valuable data and information from leaking through the internet.

InterGaurd is the best available software that will give you lots of flexible and easy to operate options to monitor, control and manage the usage of internet on individual as well as computers on a network.
Interguard is not competent enough to scrutinize information that is keyed in through a centrally operated proxy server.
There is no  doubt that Interguard is the best in its class of internet office security software that will offer you five different modules to scan, monitor and control your employees from misuse of the internet as well as will have an oversight of the business data and other vital information.

Management Console

The InterGuard is easily ascertained from a highly self-generated management console.  The dashboard gives you an instantaneous overview of every employee computer action letting in information of the time spent on websurfing, most exploited applications and blanked out internet sites by user.  The InterGuard management console is where you will be able to catch entire recorded information, handle and command DATALOCK and LAPTOP COP. The Recorded information division demonstrates all e-mail action, Instant Messaging, Chat, keystrokes typed, sites that were browsed and programs utilized by any single user. The InterGuard software package as well displays screenshots of every workers as well as researches executed and what applications they were utilizing at any presumed time.

Report Generation And Support

The reports are automatically and easily generated depending on the data that has been collected by the InterGuard software. The dashboard is so user-friendly, that all the details that you ought to know are displayed on a single page and you will also be able to generate a handful of different reports from the system. Moreover, the data that is collected by InterGuard can also be exported to other software applications. Also, the software offers you round the clock e-mail and live chat support. You will also be able to get your queries cleared by contacting the toll free number of the software company. Your company will be able to study the activities of your employees thoroughly through the InterGuard employee management software and will help you to generate guiding principles to meet the various security threats that your company might face due to their behavioral pattern.

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