Possibilities about Apple ending the 17-inch MacBook Pro

According to analyst and other sources, it has been revealed that, Apple may be planning to leave to market the 17-inch MacBook Pro soon.
Once closed, only temporarily until the presentation of the next version approaching, rumours about iPhone and while the future of the new iPhone still sweep the Internet, the Apple rumour mill is focusing on Macs. So, after receiving a constant trickle of speculation, today we find a quite unexpected.
According to one analyst pointing, called Ming-Chi Cho, known for his successes on the world of Apple, the company Apple could be considering the possibility of stop marketing 17-inch MacBook Pro. This might make sense if it confirms the belief that these models are not very popular with consumers. The price and specifications are away from the hands of most users, so that sales should not be too good. Also, if we trust that the Cupertino brings us the best of the MacBook Air to the Pro, many more things could change.
For my part, it is truly confirmed that these teams, which do not represent benefits for Californians too, would support its disappearance. I have a MacBook Pro 15 inch, and find the ideal screen size. Also, in my opinion the 17-inch is heavy. Will have to wait!

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