Do 1440p Monitors Really Make a Difference?

1440p Monitors

When setting up a new computer system, one task which often gets overlooked is the process of purchasing a monitor. Most are content to buy a standard 1080p monitor and call it a day. However, another practical option exists, the 1440p monitor. While 1080p monitors are much more popular, and with good reason, to some buyers a 1440p will be a better choice, and they may not even know it.

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For the professional, a 1440p monitor is almost always a better choice. Work computers often don’t require a lot of graphical output, so the increased resolution won’t be a concern. When considering benefits, the higher pixel count means that more data and windows can be open on a single screen, allowing for improved multitasking. Although the windows may be a bit smaller in actual size, 1440p monitors are often larger than their 1080p counterparts, so this problem is usually negated.
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For the gamer, it can be a tougher choice between monitors. 1440p monitors rarely run at a refresh rate greater than 60 Hz, meaning that they are incapable of the higher framerates which dedicated gamers so desire. Additionally, games will require more power, so the user may not even be able to reach the full potential of that 60 Hz. There are also few benefits. While some gamers may appreciate the higher resolution, most won’t be able to tell the difference during fast-paced gameplay. However, if a gamer wants or needs a larger monitor, a 1440p monitor may be a better choice, as a 1080p monitor’s pixels will be more visible. In general, for those who primarily use their computer for video games, a 1080p monitor is a better choice.

Of course, many users won’t entirely fit into those profiles. Perhaps they want a little of both, or just need a PC for general use. For these users, it’s a good idea to go with a 1440p monitor. Similar to professionals, these users will generally benefit from being able to have more windows open, and will enjoy the larger screen size which a 1440p monitor typically entails. Most will not be as concerned with the screen refresh rate as more hardcore gamers, and will appreciate the increased resolution. Videos also benefit from higher resolutions, as websites such as YouTube are beginning to stream video and other media in higher resolutions. However, many of these users will be on a budget, and as 1440p monitors tend to cost significantly more than 1080p monitors, many will be inclined to purchase the lower-resolution, lower-cost monitor.

The 1440p resolution is often overlooked and underrated. Its benefits are not well-known, and for many users, can be a significant difference. However, they are not for everyone, and typically won’t leave a work environment. Perhaps when next purchasing a monitor, you should decide what you really need, and whether a 1440p monitor would fit that purpose.

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