Easy Ways to Make Gold in World of Warcraft for Low Level Players

This 545-word article looks at easy ways to make plenty of gold while playing World of Warcraft. You don’t need to be a high level player to have plenty of in-game gold. All you need are the right tactics to boost your gold balances.

Many of the tips available for earning gold on World of Warcraft focus on higher level players. Yet if you’re still working your way through the levels it can be challenging to earn enough silver and gold to purchase the items you need.


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In order to level up faster, you’ll need the best weapons, armor and gear you can afford to make your journey easier. Rather than waste valuable questing time trying to farm for gold, set up your gameplay options to maximize the amount of gold you earn while you play. Here are some easy ways to make lots of gold in World of Warcraft, even if your character is still at a low level.

Learn a Gathering Profession

One of the simplest ways to maximize the amount of gold you make in-game is to learn a gathering profession. Skinning is ideal, as you make profits even while you’re finishing quests. Mining and herbalism are also handy, but don’t waste time running off to pick up flowers or mine rocks if you’re intent on leveling up.

Create an Alt

It’s likely you’ll spend much of your game time playing your primary character. However, it really pays to create an alternative character, which is known as an alt in gameplay terms. Be sure your alt is within the same faction as your primary character. The idea is to get your alt to the nearest city as quickly as possible and park it outside the Auction House.

When your primary character has gathered enough items and you’ve finished playing for the day, head to the nearest mail box. Send your alt all of your gathered items and get your main character into an inn to gain valuable rest.

Log into your alt character and collect the items in your mail box. Then list those items for sale in the Auction House and remember to set a ‘buy now’ price that is appealing to other players. By the time you log in next, your items should be sold and you’ll have plenty of gold sitting in your alt’s account waiting to send over to your main character each day.

Auction House Arbitrage

While you’re at the Auction House, spend a little time searching for high-demand items that don’t have much competition. It’s surprising how many players will try to undercut each other’s prices in an effort to make more sales. Go ahead and buy those cheap items. Then list them back on the Auction House at higher prices and reap the profits.

Low-level crafting items that people need to level up their professions are always in high demand. Other players don’t want to spend the time or effort collecting light leather or small eggs, but they’re happy to buy them at the Auction House.

If you’re still stuck for ways to make gold in World of Warcraft, spend a bit of time in your faction’s capital city and complete a few daily quests. The quests available are often very easy, but they can get you gold. Besides, you should also collect some basic trash items during your daily quests that can be sold to a vendor to help raise your gold balance.

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