A Review of the Guitar Hero Games

Guitar-HeroThis is a basic review of Guitar Hero. It can be used as a review for any of the Guitar Hero games. This easy to read article is written for both teen and adult level readers.

Guitar Hero is a fun, family-friendly game played on the Xbox360 system. Its best features include the ability to play without becoming an expert at playing the guitar and its selection of popular songs.

For everyone aged 8 to 98, Guitar Hero is easy to learn and play. It truly is a game that the whole family can enjoy. Many kids and teens will enjoy battling with friends and family in multiplayer mode – it’s the best way to see who the true Guitar Hero. Adults also enjoy playing in career mode in order to show off their skills. In career mode you can create a band name and play at events to unlock more songs. Those who are fans of rock and roll can sing along to their favorite songs while they play.


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Although Guitar Hero is rated teen, many adults will also enjoy playing it. Because of difficulty levels ranging from easy to expert, the game rarely becomes boring. When you beat the game on easy, simply play it again at a more difficult level. The game is designed to grow with your skill level. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old or somewhere in between, with practice you can become a Guitar Hero.

Another benefit to Guitar Hero is that you don’t need to actually know how to play guitar. To excel at the game, simply press certain buttons when you see certain colors on the screen. There are actually many people that play Guitar Hero and don’t know how to play guitar.

There’s also no need to worry about any special equipment. All that is needed is an Xbox360 console, a Guitar Hero plug in guitar, a Guitar Hero game disk, and hands that are ready to rock. You can then rock out at the comfort of your couch. The simple set up makes it easy to learn and easy to play.

Guitar Hero has a very large music catalog and game players will find hundreds of songs to choose from. These songs include hits from Nirvana, Suicidal Tendencies, Poison, and much more. You are able to unlock more songs when as songs are successfully completed. When the game has been completed, all songs would have been unlocked.

Even if every song has been unlocked, the game can still be enjoyed. This is because you are able to replay and song for a better score. You can also challenge friends to beat your high score.

There are multiple Guitar Hero games, but they all function the same way. Each game adds different songs to the available set list. There is also a separate game called Rock Band, which is based on the Guitar hero game. Rock Band adds different instruments, such as the drums and a microphone. All four of these games include the Guitar Hero guitar.

Guitar Hero is an all-around fun to play game. It is appropriate for most ages, and is also easy to set up. Any rock fan will enjoy singing along with their favorite songs and pretending to be a real rock star. Instead of practicing on real equipment in your garage, play this game in your living room and live the dream.

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