Five Steps to Working as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant
Americans work hard, and for many of us, there is not enough time in the day to complete everything that must be done. It is for that exact reason that virtual assistants have become popular. These Jack and Jane’s of all trade are able to complete almost any small project so that their client can have more time. They work from home providing remote administrative support to a variety of professionals. For someone who has administrative experience or is just good at a lot of things, a virtual assistant position is the perfect work from home job or business idea. Here are the steps to get started working as one:


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Step 1: Know Your Market

If you plan to work as a virtual assistant, you will want to first pick an area that you have some familiarity in or enjoy. Do you like the entertainment field? If so, market yourself as a virtual assistant for entertainment professionals. Although it is not necessary to specialize, it can help you better stand out from the many other virtual assistants available online. It can also help encourage long term success because you will be working in a field you enjoy.

Step 2: Market Yourself

When you have decided what you will focus on, you should then take some time to develop your identity. For most people this means a website. If you are not yet ready for a website, you can create a profile on freelancing websites and apply for projects. It is highly recommended though to have a website that explains your capabilities and helps potential customers get to know you.

Step 3: Sell Yourself

Now that you know who you are and you have it listed someplace for people to see, it is time to get the word out. This is when you start applying for jobs, blogging on your website and communicating on social media. Selling yourself means getting your name out there for people to see. Sometimes it also means giving people a sample of what you can do. Start by helping some of your online friends, and asking them to share details about your work.

Step 4: Perform and Deliver

If you have done the first three steps correctly, the clients will start to flow in. That’s when it is time to perform. Treat your first few clients like they are golden. Realize that their feedback will determine your immediate and possibly long term success. Do whatever you can to make these clients happy, and you will continue to see returns on your virtual assistant career even if you never work with them again.

Step 5: Continuously Improve

Once you have worked with a few clients do not stop there. Do everything you can to learn more about your trade and get better. Seek feedback from your clients. Join professional organizations such as the International Virtual Assistants Association. Research the offerings of other virtual assistants then take trainings in technologies and services you would like to learn too.

There is definite need for people who can help professionals get their tasks done, but you have to work hard to stand out from the rest. If you follow these five steps, you are on your way to having a successful long term career as a virtual assistant.

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